1. M

    miniDSP + UMIK Input Conflict

    I don’t know if this is a MacOS or REW setting that I need to resolve. When connecting both a miniDSP 2x4 HD and UMIK-1 to separate USB-C inputs on my Mac, only the miniDSP appears among the REW inputs. I can’t access the UMIK-1. Same on the Mac MIDI Settings utility. Given both devices are...
  2. S

    On a quest to improve my B&W DM640's

    Hello, my name is Sixto, and I live in Minneapolis, MN. and the first thing I want to say is Thank you John Mulcahy for making this tool accessible and supporting this forum for the audio community!. 11.20.2023 - If you are reading this thread for the first time, the real work starts after...
  3. O

    Loop back MiniDSP to REW

    Newbie here. Received these obtuse instructions from MiniDSP on how to use REW to help identify lost crossover parameters stored on the DSP bored. I can't make heads or tails of it and searches for my info using some of their key terms aren't producing results. I'll share what they've advised...
  4. R

    Help with flattening the whole SPL spectrum in two steps

    Hi everyone, May I get some advice here? I have tried to flatten the SPL response of my room over the whole spectrum. My strategy has been: using MSO to handle the lower part of the spectrum and then using REW EQ filters for the rest. For the low end, I optimize with MSO until 300 Hz and I...
  5. deercreekaudio

    Home Theater Multi-Subwoofer Setup - New Blog Post from Deer Creek Audio

    Deer Creek Audio has published a new blog post covering Home Theater Multi-Subwoofer Setup for miniDSP, REW and Dirac Live. This paper walks you through the setup of your home theater multi-subwoofer configuration using the miniDSP 2x4 HD, DDRC-24 or Flex. This process helps optimize the...
  6. deercreekaudio

    Subwoofer Optimization in 2.1 and 2.2 Stereo Systems - New White Paper from Deer Creek Audio

    At Deer Creek Audio, we have published a new white paper covering Stereo 2.1 & 2.2 Subwoofer Optimization for miniDSP, REW and Dirac Live. This white paper describes integrating and tuning a subwoofer into your 2.1 or 2.2 system using the miniDSP 2x4 HD, DDRC-24, SHD, SHD Studio, SHD Power or...
  7. My Home theater 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos and DTS X

    My Home theater 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos and DTS X

    My Room Setup :- AVR : Denon AVR X2600H, Front left and right speakers : KEF Q350 Center Speaker : KEF Q650C Surrounds Left and Right : KEF Q50A Ceiling Left and Right : Polk RC60I Speaker Connectors :- DHIVIS banana connectors Subwoofers : SVS PB2000 PRO and SVS PB 1000 miniDSP : Umik-1 and...
  8. E

    REW Beta Release Confusion over combined speaker response

    Hi all. I have recently sold all my passive gear in favour of an "active" set up and I would like some advice on the new measurements I have taken recently. The speakers are a pair of Genelec 8341's and I've bought the GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Management) software to go with them. The GLM...
  9. Todd Anderson

    Round Two: Enter to Win a Free miniDSP UMIK-2 Microphone!

    (June 4, 2021) Welcome to Round Two! This is your second chance to win miniDSP's all-new upgraded UMIK-2 microphone!! Our last UMIK-2 contest identified @Mike-48 as the big winner. If you read the winner's announcement, then you'll remember we revealed several ways to win free entries into...
  10. Todd Anderson

    GIVEAWAY! Win a miniDSP UMIK-2 Microphone!

    (March 22, 2021) Spring is nearly here, March Madness is in full effect, COVID (knock on wood) is nearly over... and miniDSP and AV NIRVANA have teamed up to deliver one lucky member miniDSP's all-new upgraded UMIK-2 microphone!! Billed as a “substantial upgrade in performance and...
  11. D

    calibration specialists for hire?

    hi guys. i will be embarking on installing audio gear in my car in a few weeks. i have purchased a minidsp c-6x8, and have a base config w/ routing and x-overs configured. i was wondering if we have "tuners" that would help do corrections w/ rew once i have everything installed. i've read and...
  12. Todd Anderson

    Room EQ Wizard Pro and miniDSP's New UMIK-X Microphone Array Make Multi-Channel Measurements a Reality

    (October 20, 2020). Room EQ Wizard (REW) has launched a new Pro upgrade to its mega-popular REW software package. While still in its early stages, Pro’s first advanced feature is capturing multiple inputs simultaneously for both measurement and real-time analysis. Individual SPL metering is...
  13. Todd Anderson

    miniDSP Launches Next-Gen UMIK-2 Omni-Directional Acoustic Measurement Microphone

    (October 20, 2020) Billed as a “substantial upgrade in performance and functionality,” miniDSP says its new UMIK-2 microphone offers the same ease of use as its UMIK-1, but with more bells and whistles. The all-new UMIK-2 ($195) is miniDSP’s latest plug-and-play measurement device. Much like...
  14. Todd Anderson

    Record 3D Audio with miniDSP’s ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic Mic and Dirac's VST/AU Software

    (August 14, 2020) miniDSP and Dirac have combined forces to deliver the all-new ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB microphone. Much like miniDSP’s popular UMIK-1 mic, the ambiMIK-1 connects to a computer using a standard USB port. However, unlike the UMIK-1, the ambiMIK-1 houses four 14-millimeter...
  15. akl

    Absolute dB SPL calibration of digital MICs

    A digital MIC with calibration data has the enormous advantage of NOT needing an additional calibrator. (Of course the provided CAL-data has to be correct). A digital MIC like all USB-MICs may be used as a calibrated Sound Level Meter right out of the BOX (after applying the cal-data and an...
  16. dima1stg

    REW and any miniDSP device interaction

    This topic addresses interaction between REW and all miniDSP products that accept biquads from file. I hesitated for a while before posting this topic but got so much sick and tired with multiple unnecessary repetitive steps and waste of time that I finally got my hands on writing this: It...
  17. Todd Anderson

    miniDSP Brings Dirac Live to Its New Hi-Res SHD Series of Streamers

    miniDSP Brings Dirac Live to Its New Hi-Res SHD Series of Streamers (miniDSP) (October 17, 2018) Hong Kong’s popular manufacturer of specialized audiophile gear, miniDSP, recently announced the launch of its new line of Streaming High Definition (SHD) DSP-based streamers. In addition to...
  18. Todd Anderson

    Watch miniDSP's EARS headphone calibration rig get unboxed!

  19. Todd Anderson

    Watch miniDSP's HA-DSP Headphone Amp get unboxed!

  20. Todd Anderson

    miniDSP Expands Dirac Line, Introduces EARS Headphone Calibration Package

    miniDSP Expands Dirac Line, Introduces EARS Headphone Calibration Package (miniDSP) The new EARS headphone calibration system (November 9, 2017) miniDSP recently announced a new addition to its class of Dirac Live enabled products: the DDRC-88D. Providing all-digital Dirac performance, the...
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