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Welcome to AV NIRVANA, the web’s finest destination for all things home theater and two-channel stereo! The site is the creation of several partners – a collection of like-minded enthusiasts and industry professionals that share an undeniable passion for gear, movies, and music – looking to help others create incredible theater and stereo systems.

AV NIRVANA is built around a friendly forum environment that’s welcoming to newbies and hardcore audio and videophiles alike, and topped with exclusive professional reviews, event coverage, and industry news. In addition, it serves as Room EQ Wizard’s official help forum and the only place where enthusiasts can download beta versions of REW software.

If you’re a manufacturer with equipment for review, or are interested in advertising on AV NIRVANA, please contact us.

Here’s a look at our team:

Wayne Myers (Partner, Senior Reviewer)
Wayne is one of AV NIRVANA’s elite sound experts. His love for music began at a young age, having received formal training on both the piano and pipe organ. He’s since spent time playing keyboards and guitar in rock bands, and has composed and recorded numerous hours of his own work. Wayne also has finely tuned technical skills, with a BA in Audio Technology that emphasized acoustics and electronics. His career found him in Nashville serving as a studio service technician and in Detroit fulfilling engineering positions with Audio Designs and Manufacturing and IBM.

Wayne’s most recent interests have led him to investigate the science of Soundstage and Imaging (SS&I). He’s written many technical guides and equipment reviews, specializing in speakers, headphones, and room correction.

Wayne is a proud husband, father, and grandfather.

Todd Anderson (Senior Partner, News Editor, Reviewer)
Todd has an enduring interest in all things home theater, music, and consumer oriented gear. His love of music took flight in the 1980s when he was introduced to several of Washington DC’s independent record stores, an introduction that launched him into collecting indie-rock vinyl and piecing together his first true audio system. He’s since turned his attention to the home theater world and has spent years building and tweaking his dedicated theater room.

Todd is a certified THX Video Calibrator and has over six years of professional writing experience in the home theater industry, responsible for hundreds of news articles, Blu-ray and equipment reviews, social media, and other content. His background includes a BA in Psychology, an MA in Criminology, and professional experience in consumer research, all of which helped him hone his investigative and writing skills. When he’s not geeking out on home theater, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife and daughters and passionately following the Baltimore Orioles. He’s also an avid collector, player, and repairer of modern pinball machines.

Sonnie Parker (Senior Partner, Senior Administrator)
Sonnie brings decades of AV experience to the table, including a deep understanding of the forum world. Having dabbled in audio throughout the 1980s, he got serious about home theater in the early 1990s when he installed his first big screen and full surround sound system. The taste of that system eventually led to the construction of his stunning Cedar Creek Cinema dedicated theater and listening room.

Sonnie is the co-originator of the legendary Behringer Feedback Destroyer Guide (BFD Guide), which was designed to help others tame low frequency anomalies. That guide led him down a pathway of important industry friendships and the eventual founding of Home Theater Shack with John Mulcahy (author of Room EQ Wizard). Sonnie quickly grew Home Theater Shack into a popular thriving community with over 150,000 members, solidifying his reputation in the industry. After selling the site in 2014, he concentrated on several other endeavors before other AV NIRVANA partners approached him and asked him to bring his extensive expertise to the team.

Sonnie is married to his loving wife Angie... and has a daughter, Chelsea. He’s proudly passionate about his faith and bleeds crimson for University of Alabama football.

Dennis Young (Partner, Reporter, Reviewer)
Dennis is one of those rare individuals that’s blessed with truly amazing ears, and he knows how to use them. His small town upbringing engrained an enjoyment of reading and a fondness for music that helped to keep him entertained. Throughout his youthful years, he learned how to play eight different instruments and attacked the racks of the local library where he was exposed to magazines such as Stereo Review and Audio. His first true stereo landed in his car, but he eventually found two-channel stereo to be a passion worth pursuing. Professionally, Dennis has published speaker reviews, reported from industry events, and operated AV oriented social media. His insights and ability to hear nuances from stereo gear are incredibly valuable.

Dennis’s modesty will tell you he’s an everyday kind of guy, but history speaks differently. He loved playing baseball and wrestling as a kid. He also ran cross country on a national level with the AAU/ Junior Olympics, and was part of a team that finished first in states during the early 1980s. And while he loves beer and wings, his true unhealthy obsession is a total infatuation with audio reproduction.

Michael Scott (Senior Movie Reviewer and Moderator)
Mike is AV NIRVANA’s own in-house Blu-ray evaluator / film critic, and just happens to be one of the best in the business. He’s been a connoisseur of film since childhood, when a viewing of "Song of the South" sparked a fascination with the world of cinema. His filmic love has translated into years of home theater equipment installations, as well as an enduring appreciation for just about every genre imaginable.

Mike has written over 1,000 professional disc reviews, generating millions of reads and helping guide enthusiasts to the best film releases on the market. He not only has a love of the pitch black of a movie theater, but also enjoys the life of a gym rat, is an avid competition shooter in Arizona, and grapples with the craziness of a six pet household. Mike carries a degree in Business as well as Institutional Technologies, and loves digging into the guts of anything electronic (except his car, those machines just net him embarrassing talks with his mechanic).

Steve Mechelke (Partner, Senior Administrator)
Steve became interested in home theater only 12 short years ago when he started work on his basement home theater. The original spark that drove Steve was DIY projection screens. This spark quickly developed into a flame for video and video calibration. Steve currently owns all three of the major video calibration software programs and his gear includes a high-end spectroradiometer and a high-end colorimeter.

Steve is a retired Air Traffic Controller, a hockey coach and a father of three. He also is a ISF Level III Certified Calibrator. He is a straight talker who doesn't mince words. During his free time he enjoys watching TV series, walking his dog and reading magazines.

Our entire staff has an open door policy – feel free to contact us with questions or comments any time. And make sure to visit the "Introduce Yourself" section of forum and tell us about yourself!

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