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    miniDSP Expands Dirac Line, Introduces EARS Headphone Calibration Package

    (miniDSP) The new EARS headphone calibration system

    (November 9, 2017) miniDSP recently announced a new addition to its class of Dirac Live enabled products: the DDRC-88D. Providing all-digital Dirac performance, the DDRC-88D delivers 8-channels of correction in a compact form factor, further solidifying miniDSP’s commitment to offering a wide range of correction products utilizing the Dirac Live platform.

    Following in the footsteps of miniDSP’s popular analog I/O Dirac processor (DDRC-88A), the DDRC-88D and its AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs make it an ideal solution for professional surround-sound studio, broadcasting, and Digital Cinema settings. It features a powerful 32-bit floating-point SHARC DSP and an impressive 24-bit input/output resolution, that’s tapped via four stereo AES-EBU inputs and outputs (making for eight channel performance).

    Like other miniDSP Dirac enabled gear, the DDRC-88D can be configured using software on a Mac or PC computer linked via a USB connection. Users have the option of saving four different configuration presets, which can be selected on the DDRC-88D’s front panel or through the unit’s included remote control. miniDSP’s optional 88BM plug-in for bass management can be added for an additional $99.

    The DDRC-88D’s small form factor (1.78” H x 8.45” W x 8.11” D) and half-rack mounting installation kit ($15), makes the unit incredibly easy to place.

    Current pricing ($899) delivers the DDRC-88D, in addition to a UMIK-1 microphone and stand, DB25 to XLR pigtail with four AES-EBU XLR outputs and four AES-EBU XLR inputs, and USB cables for the processor and microphone.

    The DDRC-88D is shipping now.

    In other miniDSP news, the company recently announced a pre-order for its new EARS calibrated test jig, which is designed to deliver accurate headphone performance measurements. EARS stands for “Earphone Audio Response System,” and is built to tap the same technologies that are wrapped into the company’s UMIK-1 microphone. And much like the UMIK-1, EARS is fully compatible with Room EQ Wizard.

    To use EARS, owners simply place their headphones on the testing jig, run a measurement sweep through their preferred headphone amp, and an EQ correction filter will be created. That filter can be loaded into the miniDSP HA-DSP headphone amplifier (or any other headphone system with EQ capabilities), resulting in better sound.

    The system is designed to be used with both large can and in ear headphones, and ships with two calibration files for each model type.

    EARS ($159) is currently projected to begin shipping by the end of November 2017. For more information about the DDRC-88D or EARS measurement system, visit miniDSP on the net.
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