REW and any miniDSP device interaction


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Dec 3, 2019
This topic addresses interaction between REW and all miniDSP products that accept biquads from file.
I hesitated for a while before posting this topic but got so much sick and tired with multiple unnecessary repetitive steps and waste of time that I finally got my hands on writing this:

It would extremely simplify manual tuning if transfer of biquads between REW and any miniDSP device that could load them could be done via clipboard in addition to transfer via file.
Example of workflow (keeping miniDSP PEQ window open):
Step. Transfer via file => Transfer via Clipboard
1. REW: measure** => same**
2. REW: adjusting EQ => same
3. REW: save biquads to file** => same (save biquads to clipboard instead)**
4. REW: aim to file and d-click => N/A
5. REW: aim to "yes" to override file* => N/A
6. switch to DSP PEQ window => same
7. DSP: click "Import" => same (click "Import from clipboard" instead)
8. DSP aim to file and d-click => N/A
9. switch to REW and start over => same

As you could see having an ability to transfer data via clipboard is 3 steps less, especially considering
that moving mouse and aiming is quite time consuming on laptop. I averaged about 35% time savings.
And just imagine how many iterations you have to go through with manual EQ adjustments!

*flow comment:
for incremental updates via file in 95% of steps you don't care about intermediate results so it would be much
faster to keep intermideate file and just override it than type new file name every time.

**REW only improvements:
1. After measurement don't reset EQ filters: it requres 1 more additional step to click to an original
measuremet on a left panel to restore EQ filters for incremental update.
3. Have "Save filter coefficients" in EQ window, because it requres 1 more step to switch to "EQ for measurement" window.
This will also allow to collapse right panel to have much more valuable screen real estate for graph (and may be some more)
instead of just wasting it as it's only needed for availability of "Save coefficients".
My screen resolution is 1900*1020 and even with this kinda high one I'm pretty much short on available screen space.

These REW improvements would increase productivity another 5 to 7%.

To summarise, to achieve maximum productivity/easiness, here is what what's needed:
REW: add "save filter coefficients to clipboard" functionality
REW: move or copy "save filter coefficients" to EQ filters window
REW: don't reset filters after every new measurement
DSP: add "Import from clipboard" functionality.

As for me, the benefits would be enormous!

REW: would also be useful to load filters from biquads file.

PS. I'll also post this topic to miniDSP forum (suggestion box)).

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
One of these days miniDSP and I will likely sort out direct comms to the units to deal with EQ setting more directly.
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