Record 3D Audio with miniDSP’s ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic Mic and Dirac's VST/AU Software


(August 14, 2020) miniDSP and Dirac have combined forces to deliver the all-new ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic USB microphone. Much like miniDSP’s popular UMIK-1 mic, the ambiMIK-1 connects to a computer using a standard USB port. However, unlike the UMIK-1, the ambiMIK-1 houses four 14-millimeter low-noise sound capturing cardioid capsules to record 32-bit/192 kHz multichannel 3D audio for immersive playback through standard headphones and VR headsets.

“With the ambiMIK-1, we have democratized 3D audio recording, playback, and content creation,” says Tony Rouget, Founder and CEO of miniDSP. “The ambiMIK-1’s unique combination of ultra-portability, high sample rate, and low price mean virtually anyone can record rich, high-quality, spatial audio, whether they’re capturing the immersion of a live music performance or the 360-degree soundscape of a virtual reality experience.”

The addition of Dirac’s custom virtual studio technology/audio unit software allows users to edit and process captured audio on a Mac or PC. According to Dirac, “for each of the ambiMIK-1’s four capsules, Dirac measures microphone response in 300 directions (1,200 total measurements) to develop the custom filters required for turning raw microphone recordings into quality 3D audio. The ambiMIK-1 with Dirac can output audio in Ambisonic B-format, popular for post-processing into virtual reality applications, or binaural format, for listening to spatial sound with headphones.”

Dirac’s co-founder and CEO, Mathias Johansson, says his company’s plug-and-play software “leverages our proprietary, dynamic head-related transfer function database to create highly accurate, localized sound for any 3D audio application. With the Dirac-enabled ambiMIK-1 microphone, content creators of all types can record dynamic, spatial sound that can then be experienced by fans over any headphones. It’s a technology once reserved for the professionals, now delivered to the masses.”

The result of recording and processing ambiMIK-1 captured audio makes for binaural output that places listeners in a true 3D environment. Applications include live band recordings, group interviews, films, and audio captured for game and VR development.

The entire ambiMIK-1 kit (microphone, Dirac software, shielded USB cable, mini tripod, and windscreen) can be purchased now for $349. For more information or to order, click here.
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