Two dips in L/R FR but not in Left and Right Individually


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Mar 10, 2018
Well, my original misunderstanding that your comment was about MMM not being feasible for LP PEQ seems to be veering off into unrelated additional subjects. I think this is a good place for me to again apologize for my misunderstanding and bow out.

OK, I have been trying to explain to any or all readers why and how MMM is a flawed measurement technique. It is not suitable for Acoustic Measurements irrespective the particular purpose or goal.


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Feb 5, 2018
Well, the above measurements are on my XO system so I don't have the option to toggle on or off Audiolense but overall it sounds fantastic I was just curious if that was normal and if we could do anything about it?

My room is heavily treated. Plus, it was weird for the L and R to be very flat and the L/R to be not as flat.

So you are saying its perfectly normal to get phase issues that might effect the frequency repsonse?

Normally the speakers will be very well phase-aligned, and especially so at such high frequencies. It would take assymetric room influence to make that happen. Most of the time at all frequencies, actually. There are occations where the phase flips on one speaker and not the other due to assymetric room interaction,, but this tends to happens in the bass or midbass ... and can often be tweaked away by speaker relocation or changing the correction procedure.
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