1. M

    SPL reading calibration

    Hello Beginner question on SPL reading calibration referenced in the help file section 'Calibrating the SPL Reading'. Where should I position my SPL meter? Should it be at the same position as the position of the measurement mic (which is not a USB mic)? Thanks!
  2. B

    Calibrating DIY microphone

    Hello. I tried to search something, but I always end on how to apply mic calibration file. But I have a DIY microphone made from WM-61E (I don't know if they are original) and USB Omnitronic MM-2USB calibration microphone. I measured both mics and now I would like to make correction file for...
  3. Bryan Rason

    Calibration Of Soundcard

    Hello Everyone, I calibrated my sound card but the high end looks odd. Why wouldn’t it be a flat line? As you can see it’s affecting the room measurements in the opposite way. Plus phasing look weird.
  4. S

    Making a calibration file from a printed analysis

    My t.bone MM-1 mic was supplied with a printed frequency response graph: I have successfully turned it into a .csv file using Engauge Digitiser, however, I'm not sure that it's in the right format. The points were entered by hand (not placed on 1/12th octave points or anything) and values...
  5. T

    Impedance Calibration Test Jig - Release 5.20 Beta 38

    I apparently was looking at older documentation that gave the diagram for the test jig for using the sound card inputs and output to build an apparatus for testing driver impedance. I built one using a .1% 100Ω resistor. I also installed a switch to short across the resistor because it said that...
  6. S

    Help needed - Calibrating Audio Interface - feedback loop - Steinberg UR44C, Windows 8.1, REW 5.20

    Hi, I'm new to REW. I'm trying to follow the Soundcard Calibration instructions in the REW Guide and also this video from GIK Acoustics: As I understand it, I need to connect a cable directly from a LINE OUT to and LINE IN on my UR44C interface. I have tried all possible combinations, but...
  7. Chris Lineau

    REW SPL Meter Calibration against C- or A-Weighted SPL Meter

    Dear John, I want to use the REW SPL Meter. For the calibration I was just wondering whether I should set my external hardware SPL-Meter to C- or A weighting. When I hit on calibrate in the REW SPL-meter, the REW SPL-meter always jumps back to C-weighting, no matter if I have set A-weighting on...
  8. S

    Focusrite setup (no input signal)

    Hey, I'm using Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP Pro. I was trying to calibrate the EQ Romm Wizard, but when I follow the instruction, the software doesn't see any input (screenshot below). Normally when I play using the same inputs, they work as they should inside my DAW, but the EQ Room Wizard...
  9. E

    Increase Number Of Filters In EQ

    Have some setups where having 3 more Filters would give me near perfect results but 20 is max. Therefore could we get a slider, or a number we can set for the amount? I mean we can reduce the amount but not increase. It´s 2019 and even my phone has now 40 Bands EQ filter would be nice to get...
  10. J

    Calibrating the Soundcard - RME Fireface UFX

    Hello This is my first thread here. I am a new user of REW, I started using it some days ago. It's really amazing. I have doubts with the calibration of the soundcard. The manual says I have to connect one line output to one line input, using the same inputs and outputs of calibration. I use...
  11. T

    Steinberg UR824 with REW, New User. Need help!

    Hi y'all, I'm a new user of the REW with a Steinberg UR824, I've followed it stepwise and yet the results are all coming out pretty weird. I'm sure I'm missing something but can't put a finger on it yet. The 824 (ASIO) basically has 8 analog ins and 8 outs - Out 1&2 are my main speakers and so...
  12. Dante Cry

    Problem Calibration

    Hello everyone, I allow myself to write here because I find myself facing a problem that I can not understand or solve. I wish to make the acoustic measurements of my home studio, only I can not properly calibrate my sound card with REW. Here is my problem: My input gain level is much too...
  13. M

    Unable to Save SoundCard (Interface) Calibration

    Hello - Just getting back to REW; installed the current Mac version (5.18) as well as the beta (5.19 Beta 8). I am able to calibrate with a loopback cable, with the result a quite flat response down to 30Hz, and steep roll-off below 10Hz; otherwise flat up to over 20kHz. However, I cannot...
  14. 2

    Setup RME UFX

    With the UFX or a similar multichannel interface REW only knows L and R as inputs and outputs. So, in the Audio/MIDI application under Configure Speakers choose Analog 1 and Analog 2 as output (software playback). Sound from REW will be routed now to these channels, which in TotalMix can be...
  15. L

    Feature request - please help save our tweeters!

    Last night I had the master volume on my AVP set too high without realizing it. I ran a frequency sweep 20-20kHz with my UMIK-1 facing the ceiling and 90 degree cal file from the MLP, which is about 13.5 feet from the speakers. Because the MV was set way to high, REW showed a warning in red "0.0...
  16. D

    Speaker calibration using a networked sound device

    Hello, I would like to use REW to calibrate a speaker that is driven by a networked device (see I can send and play a wav file over this device. I can record the mic output directly into a USB soundcard on my computer (mac). I am wondering if there exists a procedure whereby I can...
  17. mechman

    CalMAN 2017 Released

    For those of you who calibrate your displays using CalMAN: CalMAN 2017 Released CalMAN 2017 is Now Available for Download This is a major release, with many important new features. You must be current on All Access to upgrade to CalMAN 2017. Click here to renew your All Access. New Features...
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