1. C

    Absolute level cal with REW generator and SLM

    I'm having a tough time level calibrating my new Anthem AVR MRX 1140. I've run ARC Genesis, and I've used the internal noise generator and I've measured level with the REW sound level meter (SLM) with (batch) calibrated UMIK-1 mic, and with Radio Shack SLM. I think the Anthem is setting things...
  2. Wei Lin

    SPL-calibration using calibration file

    Hi, I would like to make a calibration file of my microphone (an USB mic, not UMIK-1). I wonder what kind of information needs to be provided in the calibration file in order to make REW treat the microphone as a SPL-calibrated one ? I tried the calibration file of UMIK-1, but REW doesn't...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Audyssey Releases New ACM1-X Calibrated Microphone as Add-On to Its MultEQ-X Room Correction App

    (March 16, 2022) Audyssey ended 2021 by launching its all-new MultEQ-X app for PCs (single license, $199), a software calibration solution that's used in conjunction with Audyssey MultEQ capable AV receivers and processors. MultEQ-X brings enthusiasts and integrators greater control over...
  4. K

    Windows 10 not outputting to all channels

    Hello all, I've looked through the available information here but have not found anything resembling my issue, so here it is. My AVR is connected to computer via HDMI and it sees 7.1 and I can hear test tones from each speaker when using windows sound settings. In Rew it will not play individual...
  5. M

    SPL reading calibration

    Hello Beginner question on SPL reading calibration referenced in the help file section 'Calibrating the SPL Reading'. Where should I position my SPL meter? Should it be at the same position as the position of the measurement mic (which is not a USB mic)? Thanks!
  6. B

    Calibrating DIY microphone

    Hello. I tried to search something, but I always end on how to apply mic calibration file. But I have a DIY microphone made from WM-61E (I don't know if they are original) and USB Omnitronic MM-2USB calibration microphone. I measured both mics and now I would like to make correction file for...
  7. Bryan Rason

    Calibration Of Soundcard

    Hello Everyone, I calibrated my sound card but the high end looks odd. Why wouldn’t it be a flat line? As you can see it’s affecting the room measurements in the opposite way. Plus phasing look weird.
  8. S

    Making a calibration file from a printed analysis

    My t.bone MM-1 mic was supplied with a printed frequency response graph: I have successfully turned it into a .csv file using Engauge Digitiser, however, I'm not sure that it's in the right format. The points were entered by hand (not placed on 1/12th octave points or anything) and values...
  9. T

    Impedance Calibration Test Jig - Release 5.20 Beta 38

    I apparently was looking at older documentation that gave the diagram for the test jig for using the sound card inputs and output to build an apparatus for testing driver impedance. I built one using a .1% 100Ω resistor. I also installed a switch to short across the resistor because it said that...
  10. S

    Help needed - Calibrating Audio Interface - feedback loop - Steinberg UR44C, Windows 8.1, REW 5.20

    Hi, I'm new to REW. I'm trying to follow the Soundcard Calibration instructions in the REW Guide and also this video from GIK Acoustics: As I understand it, I need to connect a cable directly from a LINE OUT to and LINE IN on my UR44C interface. I have tried all possible combinations, but...
  11. Chris Lineau

    REW SPL Meter Calibration against C- or A-Weighted SPL Meter

    Dear John, I want to use the REW SPL Meter. For the calibration I was just wondering whether I should set my external hardware SPL-Meter to C- or A weighting. When I hit on calibrate in the REW SPL-meter, the REW SPL-meter always jumps back to C-weighting, no matter if I have set A-weighting on...
  12. S

    Focusrite setup (no input signal)

    Hey, I'm using Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP Pro. I was trying to calibrate the EQ Romm Wizard, but when I follow the instruction, the software doesn't see any input (screenshot below). Normally when I play using the same inputs, they work as they should inside my DAW, but the EQ Room Wizard...
  13. E

    Increase Number Of Filters In EQ

    Have some setups where having 3 more Filters would give me near perfect results but 20 is max. Therefore could we get a slider, or a number we can set for the amount? I mean we can reduce the amount but not increase. It´s 2019 and even my phone has now 40 Bands EQ filter would be nice to get...
  14. J

    Calibrating the Soundcard - RME Fireface UFX

    Hello This is my first thread here. I am a new user of REW, I started using it some days ago. It's really amazing. I have doubts with the calibration of the soundcard. The manual says I have to connect one line output to one line input, using the same inputs and outputs of calibration. I use...
  15. T

    Steinberg UR824 with REW, New User. Need help!

    Hi y'all, I'm a new user of the REW with a Steinberg UR824, I've followed it stepwise and yet the results are all coming out pretty weird. I'm sure I'm missing something but can't put a finger on it yet. The 824 (ASIO) basically has 8 analog ins and 8 outs - Out 1&2 are my main speakers and so...
  16. Todd Anderson

    Watch miniDSP's EARS headphone calibration rig get unboxed!

  17. Dante Cry

    Problem Calibration

    Hello everyone, I allow myself to write here because I find myself facing a problem that I can not understand or solve. I wish to make the acoustic measurements of my home studio, only I can not properly calibrate my sound card with REW. Here is my problem: My input gain level is much too...
  18. M

    Unable to Save SoundCard (Interface) Calibration

    Hello - Just getting back to REW; installed the current Mac version (5.18) as well as the beta (5.19 Beta 8). I am able to calibrate with a loopback cable, with the result a quite flat response down to 30Hz, and steep roll-off below 10Hz; otherwise flat up to over 20kHz. However, I cannot...
  19. 2

    Setup RME UFX

    With the UFX or a similar multichannel interface REW only knows L and R as inputs and outputs. So, in the Audio/MIDI application under Configure Speakers choose Analog 1 and Analog 2 as output (software playback). Sound from REW will be routed now to these channels, which in TotalMix can be...
  20. L

    Feature request - please help save our tweeters!

    Last night I had the master volume on my AVP set too high without realizing it. I ran a frequency sweep 20-20kHz with my UMIK-1 facing the ceiling and 90 degree cal file from the MLP, which is about 13.5 feet from the speakers. Because the MV was set way to high, REW showed a warning in red "0.0...
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