1. Todd Anderson

    Meet the New Klipsch Collection of Reference and Reference Premiere Speakers

    [float_right] [/float_right] (May 17, 2022) Klipsch is kicking off the week with a massive reveal of 21 new speaker models spread across its Reference and Reference Premiere loudspeaker lineups. Turning the page and entering its 7th generation, the Reference lineup has been injected with a new...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Brings Quality Sound to the Home Office, Releases ProMedia Heritage 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

    [float_right][/float_right] (May 9, 2022) Klipsch recently launched a 2.1 speaker system that's a perfect match for home office and gaming rig settings. The ProMedia Heritage 2.1 multimedia speaker system stays true to design elements found across the company's Heritage Wireless series of...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Launches $25,000 Version of Its Klipschorn Speaker to Celebrate 75 Years

    [float_right] [/float_right] (November 5, 2021) Klipsch is celebrating its 75 years by offering a limited edition run of 75 pairs of its iconic Klipschorn loudspeaker. First developed in 1946 by company founder Paul W. Klipsch, it’s the only speaker in the world to be in continuous production...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch’s New T5 II True Wireless ANC Earphones Features Audio Tuned by Dirac Sound Optimization

    [float_right] [/float_right] (August 11, 2021) The master of tailored sound reproduction, Dirac, has announced the inclusion of its sound optimization solution in Klipsch’s recently launched T5 II True Wireless ANC earphones. “Klipsch enthusiasts have come to expect a luxury audio experience...
  5. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch’s New Cinema Sound Bar Lineup Offers 8K Passthrough and Atmos Decoding for a Compact Immersive Experience

    [float_right] [/float_right] (July 22, 2021) Klipsch has officially launched its all-new Cinema series of sound bars. The series is headlined by the Cinema 1200, a 54” wide sound bar that ships with a 12” wireless subwoofer and wireless Dolby Atmos-certified surround speakers. The 1200 opens...
  6. Todd Anderson

    BREAKING: Premium Audio Company Signs Purchase Agreement to Acquire Onkyo

    [float_right] [/float_right] (June 3, 2020) Premium Audio Company, a subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation, and Sharp have signed an Asset Purchase Agreement to jointly acquire the audio/video business of Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation. According to VOXX, the purchase price is...
  7. pstepp

    New Sports and Music Destination

    It's been a labor of love, setting up a blank canvas of a wall with just a bare gas fireplace to begin with. A 3 month journey begins, so go grab some popcorn and read on!! Introduction: The room is 25 wide by about 15 deep with openings to the right left and center to the entry way, kitchen...
  8. Todd Anderson

    Dirac Brings Its Audio Tuning Expertise to Klipsch's Earphones

    [float_right][/float_right] (July 3, 2020) Two well-known brands – one dedicated to manufacturing premium speakers, and the other dedicated to optimizing sound – have announced a new corporate collaboration. In the deal, Dirac’s sound optimization technologies will be applied to Klipsch’s...
  9. Old School Meets New Two Channel Stereo System

    Old School Meets New Two Channel Stereo System

    Yamaha A-S701 Integrated Amplifier Yamaha CD-S300 CD Player Audio-Technica AT-LP7 Turntable / Ortofon 2M Blue Shiit Mani Phono Preamp Shiit Modi 3 D/A Converter Chromecast Audio running optical through Shiit Modi 3 Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers Pangea Audio DS400 Speaker Stands (filled) SVS...
  10. Todd Anderson

    Watch the Klipsch "The Three" Get Removed from Its Packaging... unboxing ;-))

    Yup, another one folks... this time we are removing the GORGEOUS Klipsch "The Three" from its protective packaging. Check it out:
  11. Todd Anderson

    CES 2019: Klipsch to Debut “Tech-Focused” Audio Gear

    CES 2019: Klipsch to Debut “Tech-Focused” Audio Gear [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] (January 3, 2019) We’re just days away from CES 2019 and AV companies are primed to unveil boatloads of new models and technologies. Today, Klipsch threw its hat in the ring with the announcement of several new...
  12. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Begins Shipping Its Versatile ‘The Three’ Portable Speaker

    Klipsch Begins Shipping Its Versatile ‘The Three’ Portable Speaker [FLOAT_RIGHT] (Klipsch) The new 'The Three' features voice control and a phono input[/FLOAT_RIGHT] (November 28, 2018) Klipsch has officially begun shipping its NexGen Heritage Wireless speaker called “The Three.” This stylish...
  13. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch’s NexGen Reference Series Carries New Styling and Tech

    Klipsch’s NexGen Reference Series Carries New Styling and Tech [FLOAT_RIGHT] (Klipsch)[/FLOAT_RIGHT] (August 7, 2018) Originally announced at CES 2018, Klipsch has officially released refreshed versions of its popular Reference series of speakers and subwoofers. With a total of 13 new models...
  14. Todd Anderson

    Klipsch Set to Demo ‘Fire-Breathing Monsters’ at CES 2018

    Klipsch Set to Demo ‘Fire-Breathing Monsters’ at CES 2018 [FLOAT_RIGHT] (Klipsch)[/FLOAT_RIGHT] (December 26, 2017) Last month, Klipsch unveiled four new on-wall models as part of its Reference Premier Designer series, now the company has officially announced the availability of two new...
  15. ShpongleDMT

    Free Klipsch subwoofers

    Had this pop up on my Facebook feed today. I use the R-110SW subwoofer for my desktop audio setup and it's quite potent. From October 1 - October 31, 2017, receive a free premium subwoofer when you purchase a pair of our select floorstanding speakers. See matched systems below and be sure to...
  16. NBPK402

    2 way Danley Synergy build

    This will be my 2nd attempt at this build,I am getting the info onthis from the Klipsch forums where hris A. came up with the whole design, and also tunes them . My first attempt came out ok, but I want to see how it compares to the Klipsch k402 that we were trying to model it from. The first...
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