1. jtwrace

    My Audiolense Experience (JBL M2)

    In 2019, I purchased Audiolense XO to try. Long story short, I couldn't get it to work due to an odd error I kept getting. Fast forward to 7 months ago when I interviewed Mitch on my podcast here. The more we talked, the more I wanted to try Audiolense. After the podcast Mitch asked me if I...
  2. D

    How is REW's name supposed to be pronounced?

    Is REW supposed to be pronounced 'REW' (like my name without the 'd') or 'R-E-W' (letter-by-letter)? I know that the program's full name is Room EQ Wizard.
  3. 2

    New feature of REW

    Hi,do you have any plan to add full iso3382 measurement ?Something very useful like STI。 :rubeyes: And,if rew have “limit curves”(can be modified) will be very helpful to tell if loudspeaker system fit hifi standard like IEC60581。
  4. D

    the check levels function and the sweep level

    I have my AVR's subwoofer pre-outs connected to my MiniDSP 2x4 HD, and am currently learning how to use Multi Sub Optimizer to optimize my subwoofers using the MiniDSP. To measure my subwoofers, in REW I set the output to one or both of my MiniDSP's two input channels (bypassing my AVR, by going...
  5. J

    Applying correction and normalization to audio files.

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this, since this is less about any sort of hardware, and more about software tools. I recently got a Tesla Model Y. While it has an amazing stock sound system, there is still a lot of correction I want to do. However, all the car gives you is a 5-band...
  6. M

    Please take a look at my graphs. Please?

    What can be done to further improve sound in my Home Theater? I ran Audyssey, then ran REW with MiniDSP and UMIK-1. Did the filters for my 2 Dayton Sub1200 and a smaller Jamo. Please be kind. It is my first attempt :cool:
  7. G

    Both Q and BW on generic equalizer panel?

    Hi John, I am using a "generic EQ" (actually Apple's AUNBandEQ) to set up my system - unfortunately, it wants the Q factor translated into the octave bandwidth factor BW before you enter the filter data. REW's Generic EQ of course calculates the standard Q values. It's easy enough to...
  8. kosbax

    REW v5.19 or REW v5.20 RC4 with UMIK-2

    Hello, Ι am so happy with new firmware update and new cal file, for Umik-2. But, I'm in confusion, I have make meassurments with umik-2, with REW v5.19 and REW v5.20 RC4, and I make two differents Results. which result is real? Baxevanis Kostas Sound engineer
  9. D

    calibration specialists for hire?

    hi guys. i will be embarking on installing audio gear in my car in a few weeks. i have purchased a minidsp c-6x8, and have a base config w/ routing and x-overs configured. i was wondering if we have "tuners" that would help do corrections w/ rew once i have everything installed. i've read and...
  10. Bryan Rason

    Calibration Of Soundcard

    Hello Everyone, I calibrated my sound card but the high end looks odd. Why wouldn’t it be a flat line? As you can see it’s affecting the room measurements in the opposite way. Plus phasing look weird.
  11. K

    No audio appears at inputs (REW v5.20 Beta 59 / Mac OS 10.14)

    Hi All, REW won’t see the mic input from my audio interface, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Mac OS 10.14.6 REW v5.20 Beta 59 (latest) Sonarworks XREF20 mic RME Fireface UCX v3.39 (latest) REW output set to Fireface Input Device is set to Fireface Input is set to Fireface...
  12. 2

    trying import mic cal data to rew520beta47

    really need rew to read the soundcheck“s data。some times,the sc data freq is high to low, (the rew data freq is low to high),i think that"s why rew can not read soundcheck data
  13. 2

    rew520 beta47 captured bug

    the captured only show the last measurement..
  14. 2

    Limit design for rew

    How to know the speaker system is hifi? Limit will help you judge. Limit can be added, for example (frequency response, thd, impedance). Limit tool will help you to make limit with measurement results。 In the graphic display interface, it should show pass or fail.. Limit should have at least 2...
  15. 2

    New calibration design for rew

    In order to manage the calibration of multiple devices more easily, I designed such a new structure. Calibration is saved as a group, each group has multiple calibrations, and calibration data of multiple devices can be added (each device can add a sensitivity and a curve). I might design a...
  16. 2

    Import b&k microphone data to rew

    Maybe rew will support bk data in the future? :cool: (import the bk data to soundcheck is working)
  17. akl

    Absolute dB SPL calibration of digital MICs

    A digital MIC with calibration data has the enormous advantage of NOT needing an additional calibrator. (Of course the provided CAL-data has to be correct). A digital MIC like all USB-MICs may be used as a calibrated Sound Level Meter right out of the BOX (after applying the cal-data and an...
  18. C

    Newbie DIY Acoustic Treatment - Trying hard :)

    Hi! (Sorry in advance for any language mistake!) I'm quite new to whole acoustic treatment thing, but I'm trying to take it seriously. Since I'm on the budget I just watch as many valuable tutorials and figure out the best way to treat my room. Right now I bought few panels from a local...
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