1. WillDoLikeMildew

    Inconsistent top end in measurements

    Sometimes when making measurements, the high frequencies get measured as 2.5dB louder than other recordings, despite both recordings taking place in the exact same conditions: mic in the same position, receiver with the same settings, all speakers in the same positions. Additionally, I live in a...
  2. U

    Resonance and RT60 : how to analyse low frequencies ?

    Hi everyone, First, let me introduce my situation : I'm a french student who works on a project dealing with acoustics in water infrastructures. I thus have to compare 2 solutions that could provide to reduce the RT60 in these infrastructures. However, I tested these 2 solutions (stretched...
  3. C

    random wrong ref time on repeated FarField measurements (v5.20)

    Hello. I have a question. Now, mind that these specific ones are measurements I did in october 2023. Forgot to ask at the time. Files says it was REW 5.20, I presume the one that was up to date at the time (V5.20.13?), so don't know if something changed after) I don't have the setup rigged right...
  4. M

    Response Comparison Across Target Levels — Seeking Insight

    I turned to REW's EQ tool for a more objective reference to an MSO target level. Based on an average response of the seats I will be feeding to MSO, REQ calculated a target level of 82.5dB (range 16–140Hz). I then ran a couple more equalizations at 85.0dB and 87.5dB to see how they compare...
  5. M

    miniDSP + UMIK Input Conflict

    I don’t know if this is a MacOS or REW setting that I need to resolve. When connecting both a miniDSP 2x4 HD and UMIK-1 to separate USB-C inputs on my Mac, only the miniDSP appears among the REW inputs. I can’t access the UMIK-1. Same on the Mac MIDI Settings utility. Given both devices are...
  6. A

    Project using LiDAR to predict sound distance attenuation in rooms

    Hello! I am currently a high school student working on a project to try to predict distance attenuation in a room using a LiDAR scan and microphone data of the user. Essentially the tool gets information about the users position in the room, the LiDAR scan of the room (converted to a mesh), data...
  7. O

    REW fails to output audio to linux pulseaudio_dnla device.

    Configuration: REW V5.30.2 / Linux Mint / Laptop Use case: Using REW to perform calibration of moOde-based audio systems. An extremely convenient way to output audio from a (linux) host to a moOde server is via DLNA by using pulseaudio_dnla to map the moode DLNA server as the default audio...
  8. M

    Insight Into New SVS Setup

    Hey Folks Took delivery today of two SVS PB-2000 Pro's for my dedicated room. They occupy the front left/right front corners between the mains and the adjacent side walls. I ran through a preliminary setup this evening with REW (fed by a calibrated UMIK-1 and into a Marantz Cinema 50 via HDMI)...
  9. M

    Ceiling Height Selection with Bulkheads

    Hey Folks Looking for some advice on room dimension reference where using the REW Room Simulation tool (or acoustic tools otherwise). My (16x23') theater has an 8 foot central ceiling height...but there are 40" bulkheads around the perimeter with 7 foot height. The overall surface area is...
  10. F

    REW Sweep during measure seems to stop @5kHz instead to proceed to 22kHz

    Setup: Mic Sonaworks SoundID Reference with calibration files ADC and DAC: Focusrtie Scarlet 2i2 4TH Sampling and reproduction set to 96kHz OS: MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1 Background: Up to yesterday all worked fine, done some measurements and in the SPL graph I saw the expected output a FFT with...
  11. M

    MacOS ‘Audio Device Error…little-endian not supported’

    I followed Jeff Mery’s excellent REW MacOS video to the letter (MacOS Sonoma; MacBook Air; UMIK-1; Marantz Cinema-50 via HDMI)…at least I believe so. When I tried to capture my first measurement I received an Audio Device Error message (unable to replay device…little-endian not supported)...
  12. S

    REW: export smoothed impulse responses (.wav), but "measured" and not "minimum phase"...

    Hi all!... I wanted to ask a question, but I think that some background could be of help, because I'm not using REW for the usual things (I'm using it for music production)... I learned how to use it when I had to measure my treated room, but then I've used it to create some impulse responses...
  13. R

    Focusrite Audio Interface with REW

    Hey, I have a question once we generate the eq filter ( txt file that contains the frequency, gain those information) where do we need to update eq values or txt file in Focusrite? Please guide me I am new to this tool So.
  14. R

    Calibrate Dolby Aoms with REW

    Hey, I am new to this community. I am planning to build in house 7.1.4 Dolby Atoms setup with active monitor. I am confused here there are two options to use one is the sound card and audio interface to connect these many outputs. The question is after I will do the calibration inside the REW...
  15. J

    Earthworks 480M mic

    I have a Earthworks 480M mic. I'm guessing it may have came with our old DBX driverack. I contacted the Earthworks and DBX and there is no calibration file available for the mic. They say it is pretty flat. If you were me, a novice trying to help fix sound issues for my church, using REW for the...
  16. Gruesome

    Noob question: how to sweep and plot distortion as function of power?

    I'm sure it's explained somewhere, but I must be using the wrong keywords for my search: How do I sweep and then plot distortion at a fixed frequency as a function of power (instead of at a fixed level as a function of frequency, which seems to be the default in the 'Measure' window)? And...
  17. Gruesome

    Could REW compare arbitrary input/output samples and compute a combined noise/distortion/jitter measurement?

    I was thinking a bit about the limitations of looking at noise and harmonic distortions and time jitter separately, and also about why we are using harmonic distortions of discrete frequency inputs as a stand-in for general non linear signal distortion. Could REW analyze amplifier or speaker...
  18. Horst

    Correct calibration of my active two-way speakers with REW

    I would like to discuss the correct procedure about calibrating my active speakers with REW. here are my measurements of the left LS and my double bass array
  19. I

    Asus Rog Ally and REW?

    Hi, Is it possible to use Asus Rog Ally 2023 windows 11 use as a pc with REW? Thanks
  20. Rocko21

    REW results

    Hi, I'm working in a home based recording studio, two channel environment. I find it really hard to mix bass correctly. The room is treated but the low end is still a huge challenge. So, I just used REW to measure it all and would love some advice from you guys. I have attached a loose...
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