1. J

    Earthworks 480M mic

    I have a Earthworks 480M mic. I'm guessing it may have came with our old DBX driverack. I contacted the Earthworks and DBX and there is no calibration file available for the mic. They say it is pretty flat. If you were me, a novice trying to help fix sound issues for my church, using REW for the...
  2. Gruesome

    Noob question: how to sweep and plot distortion as function of power?

    I'm sure it's explained somewhere, but I must be using the wrong keywords for my search: How do I sweep and then plot distortion at a fixed frequency as a function of power (instead of at a fixed level as a function of frequency, which seems to be the default in the 'Measure' window)? And...
  3. Gruesome

    Could REW compare arbitrary input/output samples and compute a combined noise/distortion/jitter measurement?

    I was thinking a bit about the limitations of looking at noise and harmonic distortions and time jitter separately, and also about why we are using harmonic distortions of discrete frequency inputs as a stand-in for general non linear signal distortion. Could REW analyze amplifier or speaker...
  4. Horst

    Correct calibration of my active two-way speakers with REW

    I would like to discuss the correct procedure about calibrating my active speakers with REW. here are my measurements of the left LS and my double bass array
  5. I

    Asus Rog Ally and REW?

    Hi, Is it possible to use Asus Rog Ally 2023 windows 11 use as a pc with REW? Thanks
  6. Rocko21

    REW results

    Hi, I'm working in a home based recording studio, two channel environment. I find it really hard to mix bass correctly. The room is treated but the low end is still a huge challenge. So, I just used REW to measure it all and would love some advice from you guys. I have attached a loose...
  7. G

    Some advice for REW5.21

    Some advice from tool designers and system engineers: 1. Add project management. For the first time to use the software, you should create a new project. The project package includes all settings and calibration data. 2. Calibration should be able to be exported and imported. For example, if I...
  8. A

    How Do I Set Up REW with UAD Apollo in Windows 10?

    Hi, Is there a guide specific to setting up REW with a UAD Apollo/UAD Console software in windows 10? Gear: Windows 10 UAD Apollo X6 Soundcard Calibration I got a weird resync driver message when attempting to the use the ASIO driver, so I tried the Java driver. Didn't get the error...
  9. B

    REW vs ISO3382-1 standard etc.

    Hi all, and thanks for your consideration! I'm pretty green with REW itself but hoping to use it in a semi-professional manner for an acoustics project, for RT measurements using the ESS method. As part of the project I will need to be able to assess the performance of the measurement system...
  10. T

    Operation of house curve within EQ panel

    I had been struggling with the operation of the house curve because if I configured say Harman house curve it would show up as target curve in the EQ. However, when I selected "Room curve" it seemed to increase the curve in various ways. So do I click on the button or not to show Room curve? The...
  11. D

    Help Needed - DSP1124P Filters Not affecting REW Curves

    I suspect this is an issue with how I'm setting up the DSP1124P but I wanted to post here in case someone can help... I'm all set up with REW on a laptop to EQ my troublesome definitive technology DN8 subwoofer. Equipment List: - Behringer ECM-8000, prefessionally calibrated and using 90 degree...
  12. romanmmusic

    REW on Mac don’t see external or cloud drives

    Hey all, My REW on Mac doesn't see external or cloud drives like Dropbox or when in open or save windows… just shows all local drives, including username folder, and others, but not external drives. Running latest version of REW as well as macOS on M1 MacBook Pro. Any suggestions?
  13. G

    Any plans to add AES75-2022 measurement and M-noise gen capability?

    Amazing software, I always recommend it. Thank you! I was wondering if you have any plans to add AES75-2022 measurement and M-noise gen capability to REW.
  14. L

    Trouble with REW offline measurement

    Hi there, After treating my room, I was able to dramatically improve the response and REW is such a great help. Peaks and nulls are now +/- 6 db in the sub 250 Hz region... instead of +/- 25 db before treatment! Also the waterfall graph looks so much better now. To bring things further...
  15. K

    Impulse Response convert to this text format for Equalizer APO?

    I have this impulse response file that corrects my cheap USB speakers (doing it for fun) *FILE ATTACHED* I'm curious if I can convert this information or wav file using REW into something like this text format trying to get rid of latency basically and not use the convolver loader in...
  16. Tom H

    Passive crossover design question

    I have created .frd and .zma files for each driver via Dats V2 and REW Umic. After loading them into LSPCAD 5.25 I created a crossover which works fine in the crossover region but is significantly elevated by 5-6 db from 9k to 20k. I have rechecked the component values, rechecked the .zma...
  17. S

    Save RTA data individually

    Please help me. I want to save these 16 data individually. If I press Cerrent, an error appears, such as a pop-up [An error has occurred]. 1. [Save inputs to independent measurements] is checked in [input Selection]. 2. Both Java and REW are up to date. Is there any way?
  18. F

    Home Studio Treatment - Measurments and Questions

    Hi AVNirvana! So I'm looking to do some upgrades to my home studio in terms of acoustic treatment. At the moment I only have some 1 and 2 inch cheap foam at first on first reflections on the walls and ceiling, and a bookshelf in the back right corner. I realize they don't do all that much and...
  19. V

    REW instantly shuts down when i choose asio4allv.2 drivers

    Asio driver used used to work just fine in my windows 10 htpc. Recently i downloaded the dirac trial and tried to check the results . When i try to choose the asio4all driver the app instantly shuts down . It happens with and without the dirac live plug in running . I deleted and re installed...
  20. R

    Help with flattening the whole SPL spectrum in two steps

    Hi everyone, May I get some advice here? I have tried to flatten the SPL response of my room over the whole spectrum. My strategy has been: using MSO to handle the lower part of the spectrum and then using REW EQ filters for the rest. For the low end, I optimize with MSO until 300 Hz and I...
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