1. C

    Newbie DIY Acoustic Treatment - Trying hard :)

    Hi! (Sorry in advance for any language mistake!) I'm quite new to whole acoustic treatment thing, but I'm trying to take it seriously. Since I'm on the budget I just watch as many valuable tutorials and figure out the best way to treat my room. Right now I bought few panels from a local...
  2. A

    "Birdies" from REW Tone Generator

    While using REW to generate tones for sniffing out room resonances, I've noticed "birdies" from the REW generator while generating low (subsonic) frequencies. The original thread about this is on Audio Circle, and includes an explanation of "birdies" for those not familiar with this effect...
  3. Chris Lineau

    REW SPL Meter Calibration against C- or A-Weighted SPL Meter

    Dear John, I want to use the REW SPL Meter. For the calibration I was just wondering whether I should set my external hardware SPL-Meter to C- or A weighting. When I hit on calibrate in the REW SPL-meter, the REW SPL-meter always jumps back to C-weighting, no matter if I have set A-weighting on...
  4. W

    SPL Level "Over" UMIK-1

    Hi There, i have recently connected a UMIK-1 mic to REW with a particular interest in the SPL module. when i am measuring sound levels of the ~90dBa range (~100-105dBC) i start getting the "Over" warning appear. i also notice that the levels meters are showing very close to 0 (i.e peaking). is...
  5. F

    Harman Headphone Target Curve

    Hi everyone, Good to find a good place to talk about calibration here. I'm very interested in headphone calibration recently. So does any one has a txt version of harman headphone target curve or a calibration file. Thanks a lot!
  6. C

    REW RT60 Data Panel

    Hi, I'm currently looking at the RT60 data panel in REW and I noticed that occasionally there are missing values: Could anyone explain why this happens? Thanks Cameron
  7. M

    USE of REW RTA for engineering applications

    Hi all, I'm a mechanical engineer looking to do some acoustic analysis of a small device. I cant declare what it is that I am working on due to confidentiality, but I have a pretty solid analogy for it. Imagine a train conductors whistle, which has a cork ball in it to create that signature...
  8. Matthew J Poes

    Room EQ Wizard(REW): How to Adjust Scale of Graphs

    AV NIRVANA is happy to release one of our first 5 minute video presentations addressing technical topics. This video is is a very brief explanation of how to adjust a graph scale, what is a reasonable scale to use, and how to apply smoothing. Please put any comments or questions below. I plan...
  9. M

    How do I uninstall the Linux version of REW?

    What's the best way to completely remove REW from a Linux system? Searching this forum for "uninstall" found only 8 results, none of which applied, I'm afraid. I see that there's an "uninstall" file in the /opt/REW directory. Can I use that and, if so, what's the correct way to trigger the...
  10. C

    Just Starting

    New house under construction, new A/V opportunity, old ears (some hi-f hearing loss). Coming from Def Tech Procinema 600 5.1 so my baseline isn't too high. New system will be wired for 7.1.2 (wired for 2 subs) with distributed audio via MusicCast with WXA-50 amps. Yamaha RXA-660 Aventage...
  11. Dieselboy777

    New to the HT World - Need some Room EQ support

    Hello Guys, as the title say I am quite new to the HT world, but familiar with sound since I was Producing and DJing in my early days :) I did a lot of research and bought these part (so far, I will have to replace my Surround and Rear eventually as they are legacy equiment from my studio)...
  12. Matthew J Poes

    A Beginners Guide to Room EQ Wizard (REW)

    AV NIRVANA is proud to share our second video focused on using Room EQ Wizard. This video is focused more on the basic use of REW, what it can do, and a case study example. The goal of this video is to provide insight into what REW can do for us in setting up and optimizing a system. Please...
  13. T

    Steinberg UR824 with REW, New User. Need help!

    Hi y'all, I'm a new user of the REW with a Steinberg UR824, I've followed it stepwise and yet the results are all coming out pretty weird. I'm sure I'm missing something but can't put a finger on it yet. The 824 (ASIO) basically has 8 analog ins and 8 outs - Out 1&2 are my main speakers and so...
  14. blackcorvette

    Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DEQ 2496 Help

    hello, i have 3 subs and tried to bring them in phase. And now iam done so far and will the rest create with the PEQ ´s. I Use the Auto EQ function from REW , but the results are not the same as REW show me . BW Oct 0,750 by REW is 1/7 on the behringer Display right ?
  15. G

    Does it matter what speakers are used with REW? Noobi question

    Hi, this is a simple question and I can't find an answer. I've read a lot of documentation and watched a bunch of videos about REW, and am playing with it on my home system. I've not seen any advice on what speakers to use. The given directions are all the same: hook up your speakers. So does it...
  16. G

    Splash screen/logo but no start on Windows 10`

    I'm unable to get REW to "run" on my windows 10 box- the splash screen starts for a second but then nothing pops up after that. Am trying to get room correction going for my DSP. It's just standard up to date 10 box- i7 & GTX 1070 - no other issues with applications, etc. I assume something...
  17. Todd Anderson

    Room EQ Wizard v5.19 Beta 10 is Available for Download Now

    Room EQ Wizard v5.19 Beta 10 is Available for Download Now [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] (July 16, 2018) Room EQ Wizard (REW) author John Mulcahy recently released a new Beta version of his popular REW acoustic measurement software – exclusively available for download on AV NIRVANA. Officially...
  18. T

    OS recommendation for REW

    Dear all, we are currently setting up a measurement PC for REW and try to select the best OS (as Windows 10 does not work on the PC). While doing that, we would like to check out the usage of Linux. Q1: Can Linux be recommended according to your experiences? Q2: If yes, is there a certain...
  19. Todd Anderson

    AXPONA Opens Friday, Win a Free UMIK-1 Microphone!

    AXPONA Opens Friday, Win a Free UMIK-1 Microphone! [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] (April 10, 2018) AXPONA 2018 opens its doors this weekend (April 13-15), offering show attendees access to more than 150 listening rooms loaded with amazing gear that spans a range of price categories. In all...
  20. W

    REW with asio4all on Yamaha will not work...

    REW with asio4all on Yamaha will not work. My old AV-Receiver Onkyo and REW with asio4all worked well! Now the new AV-Receiver Yamaha RX-A2070 does not accept a signal to HDMI 5.1 via asio4all. It only works in stereo, when I will send a Center signal the Receiver don´t play this signal. Signal...
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