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Feb 5, 2018
Getting valid measurements is the biggest challenge for us who support new users. Usually we find a way, but we struggle to keep up with what works with which gear.

If you had problems getting a good measurement and found a solution, please share.


Dec 23, 2021
My AV System  
Main Amp
Benchmark AHB2
Additional Amp
Computer Audio
Exasound E38
Front Speakers
Psb synchrony one
Center Channel Speaker
PSB synchrony one C
Surround Speakers
Revel m105
Exasound + UMik1 -
ASIO is only option for Exasound DAC
UMik1 WASAPI driver does not work with this combo. AL accepts the Exasound ASIO / UMik1 WASAPI combination and measurements seem ok, but timings are consistently out of whack.

For my configuration, only thing that works is direct mode for UMIK1. I always disable WASAPI.
This provides consistent results.


Nov 24, 2020
My DAC is actually my old Denon AVR 4520. I run it in "Pure Direct" model using it as 8 channel DAC and 8 channel amp - with a remote control for volume.

It is 2 x DIY 3-way speakers plus 2 subs.

Audiolense handling digital crossover and speaker/room correction.

AVR on Windows can be a nightmare with getting channel mapping to work correctly with Audiolense

I use a Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen + Earthworks M23 mic, so I use ASIO4ALL for measurements

With previous Audiolense 6.17 I used the clock drift compensation without problems.

But with recent AL 6.19 update (and ASIO4ALL update to 2.15) I was getting a 0.7 second delay on my right side drivers and sub.

Measurements looked fine by I lost my phantom center completely. Sound was coming from left and right speakers only. I repeated measurements multiple times and even rolled back ASIO4ALL version.

So finally i disabled clock drift compensation this time and now left and right were under 0.1s difference and phantom center returned.

I lost a couple days trying to solve why the sq was negatively affected, but now am very happy with how it all sounds.

If using a pro audio multichannel interface (Mic input and DAC outputs) and it's ASIO driver you won have any of these issues,

But using an AVR like this is cool - all in 1 box and remote control for volume.

The Denon volume control is actually analogue (IC), even thought it shows volume on digital display
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