Sound card & microphone fixes (Moderated thread)


Apr 5, 2021
Update: I know that there have been tons of reported issues reported with the measurement module. This is early feedback:
1. Prevous/present configuratin:
Asus Xonar U7 Mk II usb sound card, works great with 8 channel, reasonable price although discontinued for playback. I use the ASIO drivers.
2. Minidsp Umik-1 using WASAPI exclusive mode for measurements.
Result: Less than 50% success rate in completing measurements without erroring out, have to use clock drift correction since they are both USB devices.

Tested Configuration:
1. Asus Xonar U7 analog mic input with no clock drift correction configured. ASIO playback.
2. WASAPI exclusive mic input on ASUS U7 mic.
3. Phantom power supply has NOT arrived so I knew that my actual results would be unviable but I wanted to check for stability.
4. Used my Emotiva EMM1 uncalibrated mic for proof of concept, no phantom power so again just a proof of concept, ordered a Dayton analog EMM6 that I believe arrives tomorrow. Using mini to female XLR cable to feed it.

Result: I have taken no less than 6 measurements with NO CRASHES. None. I'm talking even with 20 second sweeps. This is showing massive affirmation (as someone that has had ENDLESS crashes) that if you go with one source without clock drift correction i.e. all in one device like one audio interface or sound card shared for playback and recording that the stability difference is literally night and day. I may be flush with victory right now but I will report back once my phantom power supply comes in and I can take real measurements with a calibrated mic. All of my captured data is 'unsuccessful' due to the lack of phantom power.


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Mar 7, 2022
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Driver, usb bus, Windows, sound card…

Ideally it shouldn’t be a problem, but…
Update: successfully done the 5 second long, 13 channels log sweep in DXD resolution on my AMD 7950x computer running Win 11. Longer sweep would still get broken sound but DXD res for 5s is long enough. Such res of FIR can proceed discrete DXD contents natively. Thank you so much Dr Bernt!
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