Some guides to REW and acoustic measurement


Mar 20, 2020
Main Amp
2 x Adcom GFA 555
Front Speakers
Carver Amazing Platinum Mark IV
I've done several dozens of measurements. I've tried hand-held, hand-held with a 3' heavy tripod leg, on a heavy tripod, on a heavy tripod with 3" of fiberglass on the front side of the legs and mount, and on the tripod with a 9" square by 2" soft foam baffle 3" behind the tip of the microphone.

The foam baffle produced the 'cleanest' impulse responses (with lower dB ripples/echoes).

I've done measurements at 1' intervals from the speaker. (Note I'm measuring Carver Amazings which have a 5' long, vertical dipole diaphragm, so comb-filtering is a thing). I see reflections from the couch becoming an issue with the mic closer than 3 feet from the couch back.

Due to the age of the speakers (almost 30 years old), and the 'acoustics' of my 18' x 32' with 12' cathedral ceiling and no treatment, I'm EQing the whole 20-16,000 Hz range. I've tried blending close-up scans for high frequencies with various bass scans.

I *really* wish I had access to an anechoic room!
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