New update?


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Sep 28, 2022
It has been 1 year from the latest update
Is any plan for future update? new feature?


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Feb 5, 2018
Still alive and kickin’

Please see my response under the pinned release thread.


Dec 23, 2021
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I'm carrying this over from the pinned release thread so as not to fill that one up with additional questions / comments regarding the next release

I can understand why you’re asking. And I guess some progress reporting is due here.

The plan for the next release is direct resampling of correction filters and Atmos support.

This has not been the best year for Audiolense development with documented progress. About a year ago I was working on an API for the convolver to enable 3rd party GUI development. Unfortunately that work hasn’t surfaced yet. I need to do at least one more rotation. Then some of you guys may be able to make your own GUI. And then I have one or two GUI ideas in my own.
But I have good hopes of getting the new release out by end of January.
Thanks for update.

Per previous discussions, improving the resampling of correction filters would be great, but I don't remember the Atmos support ever being discussed, and I'm not sure I follow that one. Doesn't Atmos require the Dolby playback application? Could you please provide a bit more detail as to intent of this new feature?

The 3rd party GUI sounds interesting, but would a new default GUI also be provided by @juicehifi, or are you hoping to develop a user community that would help build that new GUI via the new API?

It would certainly be nice to get some of the high DPI resolution issues straightened out.

Any chance of the next update allowing for graphs to have a default background color configured? We discussed this some type ago and you thought this option was possible.



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Feb 5, 2018
The Atmos support is strictly about enabling Atmos Speaker configuration and routing. I haven’t invested in Atmos myself and my knowledge is limited. But there are a few Audiolense users with Atmos rigs. It has required workarounds for all of them so far. And now there is a guy who is aiming for a speaker setup that simply exceeds anything you can configure in Audiolense today.

The 3rd party gui is primarily for 3rd party developers, and I have one IT guy with very specific plans for himself as well as a number of hifi friends.

I will not promise another GUI from me yet, but I will for sure investigate a few alternatives. With the evolvement of AI it should be quite easy for somewhat skilled programmers to make exactly the guy they want … especially if I manage to make a really clean interface.

Background color on the charts … I’ll try to include that too
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