Trinnov Audio Drops Major Firmware Update, Reveals Details About New HDMI 2.1 Card


(December 8, 2023) Trinnov Altitude owners are receiving a big end-of-year treat. The high-end audio maker has announced the official release of a new, free firmware update (4.3.2) that adds new features, fixes known bugs, and supports the company's new HDMI 2.1 board. The release is live now and can be applied to all Altitude16 and Altitude32 processors, regardless of age.

Trinnov says the update enhances the information currently available on a processor's onscreen display (OSD). Owners can now see valuable insights such as their current listening format, codec, and selected audio upmixer. Other new and relevant information includes preset and source selections, along with video resolution and color.

The new firmware also provides further improvements to subwoofer time alignment. According to Trinnov, owners should recompute their bass management delay with the new algorithm by editing at least one bass management setting (crossover frequency, slope, type of filter, etc.). This will recompute the bass management delays with the firmware's new algorithm. The company also says the amount of time needed to compute Optimizer functions has been reduced by nearly 40%, with even faster computations possible if a user selects a new "no graph" option in the menu system. That means professional calibrators and enthusiasts can set up and fine-tune acoustic filters on Altitude-based systems with less waiting time. Once completed, users can now analyze results with 1/96th octave smoothing, which has been added to its graph display options.

And lastly, the update contains support for Trinnov's new HDMI 2.1 board. The company says it has "completed developing and testing" of a new board (model number VMX-H8K-8201) developed in coordination with CYP. It offers owners access to eight inputs and two outputs, all of which are HDMI 2.1 compatible and capable of up to 40 gigabits per second with audio and video passthrough.

Look for a cable tester mode to be added to the board's capabilities with a future firmware update.

Prior to installing firmware version 4.3.2, Trinnov recommends that users download, read, and carefully follow instructions contained in the release notes. This will help insure that current setting and calibrations aren't overridden during the installation process. For more information about downloading the firmware package onto an existing Altitude16 or Altitude32 processor, click here.

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