Dirac Collaborates with sonoro, Brings Dirac Live Room Correction to the New MAESTRO Quantum Receiver


(November 17, 2023) Dirac has announced a new partnership with sonoro, bringing Dirac Live Room Correction to the new MAESTRO Quantum. Powered by patented technologies, Dirac Live has emerged as a leader in the room correction market and a favorite option among enthusiast circles. Using easily obtained audio measurements, It automatically addresses common acoustic challenges that all home audio systems have but hardware alone can’t address. The software is unique in that it corrects for both the magnitude and phase of the entire sound system, including the room itself – resulting in what many describe as a more transparent, balanced sound, tighter bass, improved staging, and enhanced clarity.

At launch, the MAESTRO Quantum will support Dirac Live Room Correction Limited Bandwidth, with an option to upgrade to Full Bandwidth via Dirac’s webstore. The Limited Bandwidth version can perform room correction up to 500 Hz, and the target curve can be tailored within this range. Dirac Live Full Bandwidth is the top tier of the room correction feature, allowing the system to be corrected across the entire frequency range while giving users full control of the target curve.

"With the MAESTRO Quantum, we set out to create a versatile, smart Hi-Fi solution that delivers the best possible sound quality for everything from CDs and records to the latest streaming services, movies and TV shows,” said Marcell Faller, sonoro founder and CEO. "At the same time, we knew that the rooms our receiver will be placed in could have a significant impact on audio clarity. By making the MAESTRO Quantum Dirac-equipped, we’re able to offer a comprehensive and configurable feature set along with the pristine audio quality we’re known for allowing the end-user or installer to make full use of the receiver in a way that suits their individual needs."

sonoro is a German manufacturer specializing in various stereo, all-in-one, and smart home products. The Maestro Quantum is an interesting HI-Res Audio Internet Receiver that gives owners access to streaming services, external sources (including phono), and compact disc playback using an onboard CD player. It natively supports services such as Spotify Connect and Deezer and access to over 25,000 internet radio stations. It also delivers device-to-receiver streaming via Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth.

Maestro Quantum's power section is headlined by a Class-D Hypex amplifier that delivers 2 x 180 watts (4 ohms) or 2 x 110 watts (8 ohms) at 0.1 % THD operation of external loudspeakers with an impedance from 4 to 16 ohms.

For more information about sonoro's Maestro Quantum, click here. To learn more about Dirac, visit dirac.com.

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