Focus Fidelity Broadens Its Platform Reach, Releases macOS Versions of Its Focus Fidelity Software


(November 17, 2023) Recently, Focus Fidelity announced the availalbity of its Focus Fidelity Software on macOS. This has been in development for quite some time, having been teased in the company's May newsletter earlier this year.

Focus Fidelity analyzes room and loudspeaker characteristics, creating filters that fine-tune an audio signal for exacting playback. The analysis begins with multiple audio measurements taken within a room. Those measurements, along with user-specified targets, generate filters for media player software such as Roon and JRiver Media Center. Once installed, users will experience accurate bass reproduction, improved stereo imaging, elimination of loudspeaker-induced phase and impulse response distortions, and control of tonal balance.

The introduction of a macOS version eliminates the need for a PC, giving users the ability to run Focus Fidelity on Apple products that use either Intel or Apple silicon. According to the software's author, David Broadhurst, several improvements have been made to the overall package. They include:
  • A reworked target curve editor includes built-in preset curves that can be used as a starting point for custom targets
  • The ability to import targets from txt or csv files
Broadhurst says that improvements have also been made to Impala, the company's freeware measurement application.

Users with an existing license for Microsoft Windows can switch to macOS without penalty. Those wishing to do so must deactivate the licesnse on their Windows installation first, then they can activate the software on macOS computer.

A single-user perpetual license costs $249 and allows for use on one device at a time. For complete information on Focus Fidelity, including reviews and "How To Guides," visit
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