Spl graph looks relativly fine but Rt is quite high


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Apr 7, 2020
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Hello again Dan, was wondering if i could consult with you once again:
So those boosts i have in:
92.5Hz , 117hz, 162.8Hz
Are still bugging me a bit and so i used a tone generator for these specific frequencies + my rooms fundamental mod (49hz), i also used white noise and walked around the room with a db meter.
It seems that when it comes to those 49 hz to 100hz most of the 8db to10db boosts arrive from the front and back walls + tri corners.
When it come to the 117db there is a 15db boost on the front wall and front tri corners.
And when it come to the 162.8hz most of the boost comes from front wall+ lower part of the tri corners.
My conclusion is that adding some50 deep x 50 wide x 1 meter high tri corner traps might improve my room even better and my rt 60 as well.
Also found your thread on gearslutz regarding the desk issue and tried placing some absorption on it, treid tilting it a bit but nothing worked.
Then i found a website the ,make custom seized mouse pads up to 5mm think and thought, well i need a new mouse pad so why not just cover the entire desk with that, i mean its made out of rubber...
Also thought about hanging my guitars on the back wall is it good, bad? i mean, if i hang them on deferent depths they might serve as diffusers?
What do you think?



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Mar 10, 2018
Hi Soj, when it comes to treatment, I have a glib phrase, meant to amuse, but also to convey what is really needed. "Whatever you have in mind, multiply it by 4, then perhaps mutuality by 4 again"
There is a facility in the REW Generator. Sines, frequency follows cursor. Click it and the Sines will precisely match your modal ridges. So prioritise, light up those 50 and 60Hz ones, find the hottest corners and treat.
All modes end up in the corners, so it is quite normal to trap corners bigly, floor to ceiling, deep traps.
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