1. Todd Anderson

    On the Next AV NIRVANA Live We Talk MWAVE with Co-Founder Michael Stevens

    (June 3, 2024) Tomorrow, June 4th, at 4pm ET / 1pm PT, Michael Stevens is joining AV NIRVANA Live. Stevens, known as YouTube creator Youthman, is gearing up for the third installment of MWAVE (Midwest AV Experience) show, a home theater event geared for the home theater enthusiast. This year's...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Focus Fidelity Broadens Its Platform Reach, Releases macOS Versions of Its Focus Fidelity Software

    (November 17, 2023) Recently, Focus Fidelity announced the availalbity of its Focus Fidelity Software on macOS. This has been in development for quite some time, having been teased in the company's May newsletter earlier this year. Focus Fidelity analyzes room and loudspeaker characteristics...
  3. Todd Anderson

    McIntosh Unveils a New Take on an Old-School Approach: Meet the MQ122

    (October 11, 2023) The modern receiver is loaded to the brim with intelligent sound controls typically packaged within a software suite like Dirac Live or Audyssey. Today's product announcement is turning its back on such Hi-Fi tech, giving owners access to controls routinely found on gear of...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Stenheim's Alumine Two.Five Floorstander Debuts at High End Munich

    (May 18, 2023) Switzerland's Stenheim is known for its metal. Utilizing aluminum cabinets and high-efficiency drivers, the company says its speaker designs "bring out the natural beauty and elegance of the finest recordings." Its latest effort is the all-new Alumine Two.Five, a passive two-way...
  5. divyamrawal

    An audiophile Industrial Designer

    Helllloo!!!!! I am Divyam Rawal a beginner audiophile trying to build Professional Subwoofer Enclosure. By Profession, I am Product Designer Trying to use my knowledge to produce an amazing product with a reasonable price and high efficiency. Help and suggestion always welcome.
  6. Jose Sifontes

    Good Recordings on Spotify - Share your Playlist?

    I know that Spotify is not necessarily an audiophile source, but I do use it to discover music I can then get on HD digital or vinyl. Wondering if any of you have curated playlists of audiophile-worth tracks that you would be willing to share. I am partial to jazz, classic rock and classical...
  7. Matthew J Poes

    Outlaw Audio Model 976 7.2 Surround Processor Review

    The Outlaw Audio Model 976 processor is an exciting and feature-packed home theater processor from a company known for no-nonsense high-value offerings. The 976 is a 7.1 channel surround processor offering high-quality sound, flexible implementation offerings, and a modest price. While it...
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