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  1. I

    REW over-correction

    I have been using REW for many years, including 'Room Correction' and speakers response corrections. Was working just great, till few days ago: The equalization calculation and filters construction was perfect. REW says 'predicted response should be flat' I created the filters text file, and...
  2. L

    FS: Dirac Live Room Correction Suite Multichannel Software 50%

    Sold - REMOVE
  3. Todd Anderson

    Focus Fidelity Broadens Its Platform Reach, Releases macOS Versions of Its Focus Fidelity Software

    (November 17, 2023) Recently, Focus Fidelity announced the availalbity of its Focus Fidelity Software on macOS. This has been in development for quite some time, having been teased in the company's May newsletter earlier this year. Focus Fidelity analyzes room and loudspeaker characteristics...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Trinnov Says Initial Rollout of WaveForming Technology was a Success, Installation Guidelines Expected Soon

    (June 5, 2023) Two home theater heavyweights, StormAudio and Trinnov, have locked horns again, this time in the arena of low-frequency reproduction. Storm and its chosen partner, Dirac, were the first to strike with the reveal of Dirac’s Active Room Treatment (ART) at CES 2023. Storm is...
  5. rafaeldatarock

    What could cause this issue?

    Hi everyone! After messing around with a tone generator and an EQ I sorta managed to correct a major error in my listening setup. But only sorta... I noticed two especially problematic frequencies: 113Hz (way too quiet) ±18dB 123Hz (way too loud) ±18dB In both cases, the correction seems to...
  6. Todd Anderson

    Save Big with Audyssey's MultEQ-X Black Friday Sale!

    (November 15, 2022) Audyssey wants to inject your home theater experience with holiday cheer, thanks to a special Black Friday savings event on Audyssey MultEQ-X. From 12:01am UTC on Monday, November 21 through 11:59pm UTC on Monday, November 28, enthusiasts can save $50 on a purchase of a...
  7. J

    Beginner's Question(s)

    So, I have revamped some new space in my house for nice sound - and I would be interested in using REW. But I am not 100% sure what I can achieve with a minimal investment. I have a set of reasonable nice Polk bookshelves and a subwoofer and an RPI 'streamer' running Volumio feeding a DAC then...
  8. deercreekaudio

    Subwoofer Optimization in 2.1 and 2.2 Stereo Systems - New White Paper from Deer Creek Audio

    At Deer Creek Audio, we have published a new white paper covering Stereo 2.1 & 2.2 Subwoofer Optimization for miniDSP, REW and Dirac Live. This white paper describes integrating and tuning a subwoofer into your 2.1 or 2.2 system using the miniDSP 2x4 HD, DDRC-24, SHD, SHD Studio, SHD Power or...
  9. Mehdiem

    REW and RME: How to Generate EQ tailored for RME ADI-2 using REW?

    Hi Folks. Newbie here. I have performed my first measurement with UMIK-1 and REW. I need your help to understand how to generate & translate my EQ measurements into RME parameters. I could not find a way to generate EQ according to RME parameters and capabilities. I tried using Generic EQ with...
  10. Todd Anderson

    Focus Fidelity Releases Impala, an All-New Freeware Measurement Application

    (January 25, 2022) Our friends at Focus Fidelity are celebrating the new year with an exciting gift to the enthusiast community. In its most recent newsletter, the software developer announced the launch of Impala, a freeware application designed to make measurements for digital room correction...
  11. Todd Anderson

    Round Two: Enter to Win a Free miniDSP UMIK-2 Microphone!

    (June 4, 2021) Welcome to Round Two! This is your second chance to win miniDSP's all-new upgraded UMIK-2 microphone!! Our last UMIK-2 contest identified @Mike-48 as the big winner. If you read the winner's announcement, then you'll remember we revealed several ways to win free entries into...
  12. Todd Anderson

    BREAKING: Onkyo and Pioneer Ink Licensing Agreement with Dirac Research

    (September 16, 2020) In a move that could potentially reshape the AV Receiver marketplace, Onkyo and Pioneer have reached a licensing agreement with Dirac Research for use of its popular Dirac Live room correction suite. As reported by Yahoo! Japan and confirmed by AV NIRVANA, future Onkyo and...
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