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  1. Todd Anderson

    Home Theater News Review: HTNR 11.20.23

    (November 21, 2023) On this week's episode of HTNR we talk about the hottest home theater news, drop a few discount codes, and discuss a few of the amazing deals available during this Black Friday shopping season. Also, Travis Ballstadt drops in to update you on his world of gear and reviews...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Focus Fidelity Broadens Its Platform Reach, Releases macOS Versions of Its Focus Fidelity Software

    (November 17, 2023) Recently, Focus Fidelity announced the availalbity of its Focus Fidelity Software on macOS. This has been in development for quite some time, having been teased in the company's May newsletter earlier this year. Focus Fidelity analyzes room and loudspeaker characteristics...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Focus Fidelity Releases Impala, an All-New Freeware Measurement Application

    (January 25, 2022) Our friends at Focus Fidelity are celebrating the new year with an exciting gift to the enthusiast community. In its most recent newsletter, the software developer announced the launch of Impala, a freeware application designed to make measurements for digital room correction...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Please Join AV NIRVANA in Welcoming Its Latest Sponsor: Focus Fidelity

    (May 4, 2021) AV NIRVANA is thrilled to introduce a new site sponsor: New Zealand's Focus Fidelity, a digital room correction software that calibrates audio playback for "higher fidelity." David Broadhurst, the force behind Focus Fidelity, says the software was born from the intersection of...
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