Korg and Auro-3D Join Forces to Bolster Korg's "Live Extreme," Delivering Hi-Res Audio and Video Streaming


(November 12, 2023) Auro-3D (NewAuro BV) and Korg Inc. have announced a new collaboration to boost Korg's “Live Extreme” streaming technology. Live Extreme, which launched during Q3 of 2020, is an innovative streaming platform designed to capture live performances and deliver them to end-users with lossless and high-resolution audio, up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD, along with up to 4K UHD video. Now, with the support of Auro-3D, you can add immersive audio to its experiential capabilities.

The new built-in real-time Auro-Codec enables high-resolution immersive sound (up to 96 kHz/24 bit) in AURO-3D formats (e.g., Auro 9.1 or Auro 11.1). The result is described as a "compelling, natural immersive sound experience providing the sensation of being in-person at the live event," and only needs an Auro-3D capable device to experience it; it's currently available on equipment offered by more than 20 different brands. If the technology embedded in Live Extreme is capable of delivering audio to the level of past Auro-3D demo discs, this new venture will seriously dazzle the ears.

According to Auro-3D, Tokyo University of the Arts has adopted the Live Extreme system for their Geidai Music Archive, and selected performances are already available in AURO-3D (24 bit/96 kHz). These archives, created from April 2023 onwards and performed by the university, provide students with an artistic showcase using the Tokyo Geidai Digital Twin website.

“AURO-3D is an exciting immersive format and a great partner to Live Extreme, which has been rigorously pursuing the highest sound quality for streaming. Enabling PC and Mac playback for AURO-3D via web browsers is also going to be a big appeal to our clients,” says Koji Oishi, Board Director of KORG Inc.

Live Extreme has streamed over 100 concerts since its inception, and new on-demand shows will become available for end-consumers regularly in Japan, with North America and Europe already in motion.

Click here to learn more about AURO-3D, and here to learn more about Live Extreme.

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