BOOM! Monoprice Unveils Its Monolith M-215 Dual 15” Subwoofer (and More) at CEDIA 2019


(September 10, 2019) Good things come to those that wait, and we’ve kept Monolith’s big-time secret under wraps for long enough. It’s officially time for bass-heads to unite and drool over the industry’s latest would-be killer sub.

If you’ve been keeping track, Monoprice’s Monolith brand has been cooking up some serious audio gear, all taking aim at long standing brands. Not too long ago, we reviewed the Monolith 12” THX sealed sub and confirmed it’s a true master of low-end disaster. And for that reason, it’s impossible not to crack a smile and begin dreaming about the possibilities of the brand’s latest sonic cannon. It’s called the M-215 and if Monolith’s output measurements are correct, it now definitively resides as the best subwoofer Monoprice has to offer.

Standing over 3-feet tall and weighing a whopping 215-lbs (yes, you read that correctly: two-hundred and fifteen pounds), the M-215 will definitively crack your back before it puts your house under extreme loads of a different kind. The speaker sports dual-stacked 15” 2-layer long fiber pulp/glass fiber cones complimented by a slot vented and heavily braced HDF cabinet. The associated onboard amp is rated at 2000 watts rms, and the subs overall frequency response is factory specified to be 16 Hz-200 Hz (THX mode) or 12-2000Hz (Extended mode).

We’ve had an opportunity to see advanced CEA-2010 output numbers for the M-215 and they're scary intense. In fact, they look something like this: 12.5Hz (100.90), 16 Hz (110.1), 20 Hz (115.9), 25 Hz (119.6), 31.5 Hz (122.2), 40 Hz (123.4), 50 Hz (123.1), 63 Hz (122.6), 80 Hz (122.6), 100 Hz (122.7), 125 Hz (123.3). Take a moment and let those measurements register. Let them percolate in the deepest and darkest cavities of your low-end loving brain. Insanity, right? We’ve also seen a comparison chart pulling CEA-2010 numbers for other highly regarded subs, including models from Rythmik, XTZ Sound, and SVS, and the M-215 clearly outpaces all but one (and that “one” is practically even).

The M-215 is priced at a lofty $2,499 and is currently awaiting THX Certification (which, based on the brand’s other sub models, shouldn’t be an issue to obtain). Of course, we’ll try our best to get a demo unit for review.

Monolith is also using CEDIA to showoff a near-final version of its highly anticipated HTP-1 16-channel processor. In addition to carrying audiophile AKM4493 DACs, loads of inputs, and broad immersive sound decoding, the HTP-1 also delivers Dirac Live room correction. Monoprice engineers are putting the final touches on the HTP-1’s user interface right now, and it should be ready to ship this winter ($3,999).

And for our last Monolith-oriented CEDIA 2019 spotlight, the brand is launching its all-new THX-460T THX Ultra Certified Tower Speaker. Priced at $849/each (without Atmos drivers) or $999/each (with Atmos drivers), each 55.3” tall tower carries four 6.5” woofers and single 2” silk dome midrange and 1” silk dome tweeter drivers. Monoprice says the speakers are capable of hitting down to 29Hz (ported) with a sensitivity of 89dB. Yes, folks, very exciting stuff.

For a complete rundown of all of Monoprice’s CEDIA launch products, please read the attached press release.

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Monoprice Debuts Newest Offerings from Fan-Favorite Monolith Line at CEDIA 2019

Denver, CO. (September 10, 2019)
– Monoprice, leading online retailer of high-quality and affordably priced consumer electronics and accessories, today announced the latest additions to its Monolith premium audio line at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association Expo (CEDIA)—booth #1751. With the launch of new speakers, planar headphones, amplifiers, and a home theater processor, the company continues to bring audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts category-defining technologies, at costs significantly below industry standards.

“We have a soft spot for CEDIA. Year after year, show attendees have been right there beside us – from the launch of our Monolith line at the 2016 Expo, to its continued growth and expansion into the multifaceted collection it’s become,” said Bernard Luthi, CEO of Monoprice. “We’re continuously finding ways to create truly amazing products that allow everyday people and aficionados alike to explore and indulge their passions without being held-back by costs.”

While one key pillar of Monoprice’s mission surrounds taking a stand for fair pricing, the other centers around ensuring that consumers are only met with the highest quality when searching for offerings. To bring these standards to life in the audio realm, Monoprice continues to incorporate leading technologies and designs from industry leaders such as THX, Dolby, and Alex Cavalli.

Amongst various offerings, Monoprice will highlight the following products at CEDIA this year:

Monolith Tower Speakers o Engineered to deliver the highest level of accuracy and reproduce the finest dynamics of home theater soundtracks and music. Each speaker is planned for THX Certification and features four 6 ½” woofers, and a silk dome tweeter and dome mid-range.
Without Atmos ($849.99/each) With an up firing Atmos enabled driver ($999.99/each)

Monolith M-215 Dual 15" Subwoofer ($2,499.99) o Pending THX Certification, the Monolith subwoofer builds on the outstanding reputation of the Monolith subwoofer line up. It sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and unleashes chest thumping and pant leg vibrating bass, while also having the ability to convey and articulate the subtle nuances of music.

Monolith Home Theater Processor ($3,999.99) o A 16-channel processor engineered to deliver a higher level of sound. This processor boasts the most modern technology in multichannel surround sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X decoding, advanced room correction with Dirac Live, the latest generation AKM4493 DACs, and plenty of inputs for all sources. Coming Winter 2019.

Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli ($999.99) A smaller version of the Cavalli Audio’s Liquid Gold Amp, The Liquid Gold X is a fully balanced, differential front-end, solid state amplifier. The Liquid Gold also introduces Monoprice’s new MCU based products with computerized control of all features – including turn on sequencing and DC offset detection.

Monolith Liquid Platinum DAC by Alex Cavalli ($499.99) o The Liquid Platinum Balanced DAC will bring out the best in any hi-res track or CD recording. Utilizing an AKM4499 chipset and featuring single ended and balanced analog XLR inputs, along with USB, optical, and coaxial digital inputs, this product is the perfect component to pair with a headphone amplifier for an end game head-fi experience.

Monolith Liquid Spark DAC by Alex Cavalli ($99.99) o The Monolith Liquid Spark DAC utilizes an AKM4493 chipset and brings massive performance for a very low cost, and will substantially improve sound from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Pair this with the Liquid Spark amplifier, and you have the makings of an exceptional head-fi experience.

Monolith Balanced Headphone Amplifier featuring THX AAA Technology ($399.99) o THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) in 887 configuration promises high fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise and distortion. Capable of powering even the most demanding headphone to deliver an audio experience like no other.

Monolith M1570 Balanced Planar Headphone ($599.99) o Features a 106mm planar driver, a wide padded headband, 4 pin balanced connectors and an open back design that delivers uncompromising audio performance, exceptional transient response, and a holistic soundstage.

Monolith M1070 Planar Headphone ($399.99) o Features a 106mm planar driver, wide padded headband, 2.5mm connectors and an open back design that produces a stunning aural landscape and resolves minute sonic detail. Spectacular imaging, low distortion, and perfectly balanced sound.

Monolith M570 Planar Headphone ($299.99) o Features a 97*76mm planar magnetic driver enclosed in gorgeous wood, open back housing, and plush, padded headband and earcups for comfortable listening. With an extended soundstage, lush, rich sound, and excellent build quality, the Monolith M570 brings a massive price to performance ratio to the headphone market.

Monolith M350 In Ear Planar Earphone ($149.99) o Combines the transparent sound of a planar driver in a small, comfortable in ear enclosure for best in class sound. With low distortion, fantastic bass response, and a wide soundstage, the Monolith M350 sets the bar for sound quality while on the go.

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That dual-sub looks awesome!


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Pretty impressive. Would love to see the anatomy of the driver.

Of course the PB16-Ultra is 175lbs with one driver... and the 8" voice coil... incredibly low distortion.

Fairly comparable... considering the PB16 is $500 less and only one sub...


Rythmik FV25HP cost the same and does 105db at 12.5Hz and 110db at 16Hz... weighs in at 210lbs with Direct Servo technology for low distortion.

Then the JTR Captivator 4000 crushes them all at $700 more... 108db at 10Hz ... 112db at 12.5Hz and 116db at 16Hz.

Lotta good subs out there.
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