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  1. Todd Anderson

    M&K Sound Launches X+ Series Subwoofers, 15-Inch Model Achieves THX Dominus Status

    (December 7, 2021) Subwoofer launches are always exciting. There’s just something special about raging power and high-test technologies harnessed in a heavy box. But when a subwoofer launch includes a gladiator-esque THX Certification status called “Dominus,” all levels of excitement are quickly...
  2. Todd Anderson

    HELM Audio Launches $100 MQA Capable DAC/AMP with THX Certification

    (November 30, 2020) MQA has found its way into several news stories in recent weeks, and today’s announcement from HELM Audio continues the trend. Originally revealed at CES 2020, HELM has officially launched its MQA capable USB "BOLT DAC/AMP," designed for use with computers and portable...
  3. Tom L.

    The Monolith by Monoprice THX-465T THX Ultra Certified and ATMOS Enabled Tower Speaker - Full Review!

    The Review I must admit that I am somewhat intrigued with the Monoprice line of products. Here is a manufacturer that sells a VERY WIDE range of product offerings internet direct at VERY competitive prices. Their upper end AV offering is tagged Monolith by Monoprice. Many of the Monolith...
  4. Tom L.

    High-Performance Monolith 5.X.4 ATMOS Enabled Surround System - THX-365T - THX-265B - THX-365C Speakers - Full Review!

    The Review After getting the chance to earlier review the Mighty Monolith M-215 subwoofer I was stoked to see some more from this manufacturer! This time Monoprice sent a set of five speakers that comprises the foundation of a serious 5.X.4 ATMOS Surround system. The THX Certified, Monolith...
  5. Todd Anderson

    BOOM! Monoprice Unveils Its Monolith M-215 Dual 15” Subwoofer (and More) at CEDIA 2019

    (September 10, 2019) Good things come to those that wait, and we’ve kept Monolith’s big-time secret under wraps for long enough. It’s officially time for bass-heads to unite and drool over the industry’s latest would-be killer sub. If you’ve been keeping track, Monoprice’s Monolith brand has...
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