Shutting Down with Manta Sleep Mask SOUND, a Full Review!

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Manta Sleep Mask SOUND
Razor-thin Bluetooth headphone drivers, 20-hour battery life (2x leading competition), tabs for easy speaker adjustment, No audible battery notifications for peaceful sleep, True 100% blackout via eye cups, C-shaped eye cups for side-sleep comfort
Manta Sleep sent us their Manta Sleep Mask Sound to try out and review. We put the product through its paces over a period 30 days. Equipped with Bluetooth audio, slim/comfortable speakers, and total light control, the mask delivered great light control and easy, comfortable access to personal audio.

Today, we're straying just a bit away from the world of home theater and enthusiast-grade audio to explore a unique audio device designed to help you sleep. The Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is a product crafted to perform just as it reads. It's a sleeping mask, with engineering elements that make it unique when compared to the standard padded mask with a strap. And it's also a personal sleeping audio device, with small, flat, adjustable drivers that pour sound into your ears with comfort in mind.

Manta Sleep added lots of great touches to the device. It's Bluetooth-capable, so wires are removed from the equation. It has mounted controls for power, volume, and track control. It also has an auto power-off feature and doesn't issue any sleep-disrupting beeps or notifications if the battery is running low.

The mask is padded and easy to adjust for fit. Manta sleep includes an optional head strap to help keep the mask from slipping around your neck.

The big question: How did it perform? Watch the video review and find out!

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Manta Sleep Mask Sound Specifications
  • Razor-thin Bluetooth® headphones
  • Factory response measurements: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Perforated materials for airflow & ventilation
  • 20-hour battery life (2x leading competition)
  • Convenient tabs for easy speaker adjustment
  • No audible battery notifications for peaceful sleep
  • True 100% blackout with zero eye pressure
  • C-shaped eye cups for side-sleep comfort
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