1. Todd Anderson

    Shutting Down with Manta Sleep Mask SOUND, a Full Review!

    Today, we're straying just a bit away from the world of home theater and enthusiast-grade audio to explore a unique audio device designed to help you sleep. The Manta Sleep Mask SOUND is a product designed to perform just as it reads. It's a sleeping mask, with engineering elements that make it...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Mark Levinson Announces New Audio Company, Daniel Hertz

    (February, 24, 2023) The name Mark Levinson is synonymous with elite Hi-Fi both in the home and on the road, but few may know that Levinson isn't the first in his family to have a name tied to audio. His uncle, Heinrich Hertz, was the first German physicist to demonstrate the electromagnetic...
  3. L

    Adding a Subwoofer to a 2-channel audio system in a large complex space

    We have a pretty good HiFi system purchased in 2004 that I haven’t done anything to besides getting some decent interconnects & speaker wires. It’s a purely audio system with Unison Research’s Unico Secondo integrated hybrid amplifier (newly acquired after the original Unico SE’s right channel...
  4. Mike-48 audio-only room, system, and cat

    Mike-48 audio-only room, system, and cat

    Dedicated listening room built in our basement, with Quiet Rock. Dimensions (ft) 12.5 w, 7.0 h, 20.5 l. Acoustics by GIK, ASC, RPG, Vicoustic. Top photo: View from behind listening seat. Janszen Valentina speakers, Bryston 4B3 amplifier. Bottom photo: Rear of room (angle view), showing...
  5. Mat1926

    Testing the Sound Blaster X7 vs Mother board built in audio

    Okay, more information is here How can I compare the built in audio compared to the Sound Blaster X7 ? What sort of cables and settings do I need? Thnx
  6. L

    Others want to know who you are

    If you are a new member, the staff and other members welcome you to and sincerely hope that your time here will be enjoyable. Everyone wants to know who the members of our community are and what their interests are. Other members are happy to help solve problems if that is...
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