Seeking someone to work with for REW measurements, analysis and room treatment


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Dec 29, 2019
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I'm looking for someone to work with that has plenty of experience using REW to help me properly measure and analyze my listening room to determine the best treatment options. The room is roughly 20' x 13' and I'm having big cancelation issues in the low end from 400hz and below. I have a 1962 Fisher x 202B that has been completely gone over and in great working order. Also running Klipsch Cornwalls and currently shopping for a sub although, I do own a Golden Ear Sub X which I"m looking to sell but its working for now. I have a minidsp 2x4hd, calibrated mic and REW on my Mac. I have homemade rock wool bass traps in the corners and a few acoustic panels on the front and back walls. Everything will make more sense when I can show you pictures of the room. My biggest concern is I'm missing 40 and 80hz at the listening position.

Primarily looking for someone to help guide me on properly taking the appropriate tests and analyze the results. Once I find someone willing to help, I"m willing to upload REW results along with photos of the room and anything else needed. I'm located in Southern Maine.

Anyone out there willing to help me with this project?

BTW, I have a pretty solid understanding of acoustic as a pro live sound touring guy who's work with many famous bands we all recognize. That said, its my first time building a hifi listening room in my house and would much prefer treatments vs eq.

Thank you all in advance.
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Mar 10, 2018
Ditto here, live sound guy, later turned Recording, later again acoustician. It's hard to keep fully up to speed with REW, but the basics never change.
There are Primers to get you going. But a lot can be surmised visually and verbally. Room Height? What are the walls floor ceiling made of?
Sketches to show where the speakers, doors, windows are. Photo or two to show size of RW traps.
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