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    Parasound Unleashes Its Versatile 'HINT 6' Integrated Amp


    (June 29, 2018) Parasound’s original 2.1-channel Halo Integrated Amplifier has been widely hailed by music aficionados for its pure sound and musicality, offering owners access to raw power combined with broad connectivity options, ultra-high-resolution DAC performance, and impressive bass management capabilities. Now, some three years later, Parasound has announced a new Halo model called “HINT 6.” And while some of the 6’s components are true to the original, Parasound says it’s engineers have introduced a few key changes that take overall performance to new levels.

    Internally, the 2.1-channel HINT 6 features the same John Curl designed class A/AB power amplifier (160 Watt per channel, 8 ohms), ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC, bass management system, and headphone amp found on the original Halo. But the addition of a new Burr-Brown electronically controlled analog resistor ladder volume control is said to deliver a “more distinct sound stage” by increasing the dynamic range, lowering the noise floor, and maintaining absolute left-right channel separation across low to high volumes. And the smooth-turning control boosts friendliness by offering programable startup and preferred volume level settings, along with a dimmable 100-increment two digit display. A back-lit remote control is included.

    The new HINT 6 also carries an upgraded asynchronous USB 2.0 connection that features plug-and-play compatibility with both Window 10 and iOS computers. Owners will find USB support for PCM up to 384 kHz/32-bit, native DSD256, and DoP DSD bit streams. The unit also houses two optical digital inputs, which can accept PCM up to 192 kHz/24-bit, five pairs of RCA inputs, one pair of XLR inputs, phono inputs, balanced XLR and RCA outputs for left, right, and subwoofer channels, and 24k gold plated five-way binding posts.

    Parasound says other improvements include an all-new op-amp preamp gain stage and increased gain for the MC and MM phono inputs.

    The HINT 6 can be purchased in black or silver with tasteful gold highlights and sand-blasted solid aluminum end caps from dealers beginning in July. It carries a suggest MSRP of $2,995.
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