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    AV preamp 2.2 upgrade

    Hi all Hopefully this hasn't specifically been discussed before. First post so 'Hello!', and please go easy! Current setup: Marantz TT15S turntable Simaudio Moon 110LP v2 phono preamp Oppo 203 Bluray Marantz AV8802A preamp ATI AT6005 power amp (front 5 channels) Arcam FMJ P7 Power amp (rear...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Ahead of Its Centennial Celebration, Luxman Reveals Its New L-509Z Integrated Amp

    (September 22, 2023) Luxman's latest family member features an exotic blend of technologies in what it calls a "single chassis separate." Slotted as a flagship model of the Z-Series, the all-in-one integrated L-509Z carries a suggested retail price of $12,495. The L-509Z is Luxman's first...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Monolith Launches Three New Power Amps, All Landing Under $550!

    (August 4, 2023) There's something fun about the disruptive benefits of Monolith's presence in the home theater market. Not only does it deliver a tremendous level of savings to the enthusiast community at large, but it also keeps the competition honest. Take Monolith's recent launch as proof...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Naim Releases a Refresh of a Classic, the NAIT 50

    (May 18, 2023) To celebrate 50 years in the audio world, Naim is releasing a refresh of an amplifier – the NAIT 1 – that first hit the market in 1983. The NAIT 50 benefits from years of innovation, sporting technically improved circuits said to deliver "dynamics with all the confidence and...
  5. Todd Anderson

    Meet Naim's New Classic Range, a Trio of Components Designed to Deliver High-Level Streaming

    (January 16, 2023) Naim recently launched a trio of new components including a streaming pre-amp, a modernized take on a power amp champ, and an external power supply upgrade. Dubbed the "New Classic" range, Naim says all three make for a high-performance, eco-friendly audio experience. The...
  6. Todd Anderson

    CES 2022: Mark Levinson Celebrates 50 Years with Stunning Limited Edition ML-50 Amplifier Package

    (January 4, 2022) Drawing inspiration from 50 years of industry excellence, the engineers at Mark Levinson have crafted a devastatingly gorgeous limited edition celebratory monoaural amp package. Exclusively limited to 100 pairs, the ML-50 looks the part and houses componentry capable of...
  7. Todd Anderson

    Dayton Audio's Wireless WF150 Stereo Amp.. Unboxed!

    One last unboxing video for the day... this one is from Dayton Audio! Enjoy.
  8. Todd Anderson

    Indy Audio Labs Officially Releases Its Acurus Muse Processor and M8 Amp

    Indy Audio Labs Officially Releases Its Acurus Muse Processor and M8 Amp (Acurus) The all-new Muse preamp (top) and M8 amplifier. (February 15, 2019) Indy Audio Labs, makers of Aragon and Acurus branded home theater processors and amplifiers, has officially launched the all-new Acurus Muse...
  9. Todd Anderson

    Parasound Unleashes Its Versatile 'HINT 6' Integrated Amp

    Parasound Unleashes Its Versatile 'HINT 6' Integrated Amp (Parasound) (June 29, 2018) Parasound’s original 2.1-channel Halo Integrated Amplifier has been widely hailed by music aficionados for its pure sound and musicality, offering owners access to raw power combined with broad connectivity...
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