Onkyo's Latest Receiver Raises the Bar, Meet the Flagship TX-RZ70


(March 28, 2023) Onkyo's all-new TX-RZ70 marks Premium Audio Co.'s third flagship receiver release in 2023, leaving home theater fans plenty to lust for. The TX-RZ70, much like new heavy hitters from Pioneer and Integra, was built from the ground up with plenty of input from Premium Audio Co.'s US-based staff. It's loaded, both inside and out, and enters as a formidable force in a fiercely competitive AVR market.

At its core, the TX-RZ70 is an 11.2-channel (7.2.4 capable) immersive audio machine, fully compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced, and Auto-3D. Its onboard amplification is Class A/B, with high-current capabilities to handle low-impedance speakers, while boasting low negative feedback for less distortion and a closed loop ground to minimize cross-contamination between channels. Overall power output is rated at 140 Watts per channel (8 Ohms) with all 11 channels of processing natively powered by the receiver. And for those of you looking for independent verification of the AVR's sound capabilities, you'll be pleased to know it carries THX Certification.

Sound quality is honed by dual ESS ES9206 384 kHz / 32-bit DACs, which are new to Onkyo AVRs, and access to Dirac Live's Full Room Correction suite. Owners have the option of adding Dirac Live Bass Control for an additional fee of $349 (single sub) or $499 (multi-sub). AccuEQ Advanced Plus Measurement is also baked into the receiver, giving owners a second, less complex set-up option if desired, with a Klipsch Optimized Mode for peak performance with compatible hi-fi speakers.

On the connectivity front, the TX-RZ70 boasts six rear HDMI inputs (three outputs) with full 2.1 specification coverage. That means 40GPS, 8K/4K resolutions, and support for all of the advanced HDMI 2.1 feature acronyms you can think of – in other words, this receiver has film fans and gaming enthusiasts covered. The back side also carries two independent sub outs, 11 channels of pre-outs, Zone 2 and 3 outputs, and, yes, a phono-input.

Of course, streaming features provide plenty of access to popular music services, with Roon Ready certification putting an owner's high-resolution music libraries at their fingertips (available with a firmware update in September 2023). It also carries Apple AirPlay2 and Chromecast for whole-home integration and works with smart home assistants like Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri. And, as a cherry on top, the TX-RZ70 has a Bluetooth transmitter with aptX for sharing audio to Bluetooth headphones, and more.

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 AVR (US MAP $2,799) will be available in Spring 2023 through Onkyousa.com, Crutchfield.com, and other authorized retailers. For more information, visit onkyousa.com.





AVR tech

Apr 3, 2021
Thanks Todd for this overview. Onkyo's website features some nasty text about Zone 2 capabilities. This is what they say:
"*8K60 only valid for Zone 1. Zone 2 will only produce 4K120 resolution when two separate HDMI sources are used."

This may lead the public to believe that Zone 2 can output HDMI FRL signal above 18 Gbps, which is not true because Zone 2 port cannot deal with bandwidth needed for 8K/60 signal. Older HDMI 2.0b spec allows 4K/120 but only 8-bit 4:2:0, which Onkyo does not clarify anywhere.

Please have a look below:

Could you, please, raise this issue with them? We need absolute clarity about port capabilities so that buyers who do not necessarily know intricacies of HDMI spec find themselves in an unpleasant situation they connect a console for Zone 2 and not get 4K/120 DolbyVision from games.

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Hi @AVR tech, hang tight, will have a clear answer for you soon.
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