Monolith Launches Three New Power Amps, All Landing Under $550!


(August 4, 2023) There's something fun about the disruptive benefits of Monolith's presence in the home theater market. Not only does it deliver a tremendous level of savings to the enthusiast community at large, but it also keeps the competition honest. Take Monolith's recent launch as proof positive of the former, as enthusiasts now have access to three new amp models at mind-blowing prices.

The all-new Monolith M2100X ($399.99, buy on Monoprice), M3100X ($499.99, buy on Monoprice), and M5100X ($549.99, buy on Monoprice) offer stereo and home theater fans access to two, three, and five channels of output while keeping dollar investments low. Sporting class AB amp sections boxed in attractive 3RU chassis, buyers can expect 90 Watts of power per channel at 8 Ohms or 135 Watts of power per channel at 4 Ohms, making these models perfect for efficient speakers or Atmos and surround channel duties. According to Monolith's in-house measurements, THD is less than 0.02%, and SNR is greater than -100dB. And to sprinkle on an added benefit, connectivity options include both RCA and XLR inputs.

These models carry Monoprice's three-year replacement warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction, paired with a promise of shipping materials that are recyclable with minimal waste. Bundle those with dollar savings and sure-shot performance, and all three models look like winners out of the gate.

Here are the links to each new unit:
Monolith M2100X – 2-Channel Amplifier ($399.99)
Monolith M3100X – 3-Channel Amplifier ($499.99)
Monolith M5100X – 5-Channel Amplifier ($549.99)

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