Meet ZEN CAN, iFi Audio’s Newest Headphone Amp


(August 9, 2020) iFi Audio’s recent product releases – ZEN Blue, ZEN DAC, and, now, ZEN CAN – have more than proven the company’s interest in delivering quality desktop performance without a hefty price tag. Last week, iFi unleashed its latest creation, giving headphone lovers access to analog performance for as little as $149 (MSRP).

iFi didn’t cut any corners in the design department, endowing its latest headphone amp with a gorgeous aluminum chassis and attractive brushed front panel loaded with various aluminum controls. Of course, with a small 6.22” x 1.38” x 3.94” (WxHxD) footprint, ZEN CAN is an excellent choice for space-constrained applications.

Because ZEN CAN is all-analog, it only connects to sources with analog outputs (such as laptops, tablets, CD players, and the like), including both ZEN Blue and ZEN DAC. Source options include both balanced and single-ended inputs and stereo RCA inputs. In addition to frontside balanced and single-ended headphone jacks, ZEN CAN offers a backside balanced output that can be used for connection to a power amp or powered speakers.

Internally, ZEN CAN possesses enough punch to deliver 1600mW (7.2V) into 32 ohms (single-ended) with 15V+ and up to 300 ohms available for balanced outputs. This allows for pairing with some of the most demanding headphones on the market. And circuitry – some of which are sourced from iFi’s elite Pro iCAN headphone amp – was specifically selected and integrated for sonic purity and high performance. iFi says power-oriented design elements are effectively shielded from onboard audio circuits, insuring interference is essentially non-existent.

Owners have access to two different listening modes for optimize headphones playback. XBass boosts bass output, which is particularly helpful when using open-back headphones, while 3D widens the perceived soundstage.

iFi Audio has bundled its first 1,000 units (shipping now) with its iPower ultra-low noise AC/DC power adapter. This addition bumps the cost to $169. Once all bundled units are sold out, ZEN CAN will be available for $149.

For more information, visit iFi Audio on the web.
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