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  1. Todd Anderson

    iFi Audio's Diablo 2 Now Resides as the Brand's Flagship Portable DAC/Headphone Amp

    (November 18, 2023) Two years ago, iFi Audio released its top-tier battery powered DAC/headphone amp the iDSD Diablo. Designed for purists looking for the best audio performance from a transportable device, the Diablo was offered for a dollar short of $1,000 with the promise of unadulterated...
  2. Todd Anderson

    Creative's Sound Blaster X5 Promises to "Make Your Audiophile Grade Headphones Sing"

    (February 1, 2023) Creative's latest offering promises to be the audio equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. It's small form factor is packed with technologies to power your headphone experience. Whether its Hi-Res playback, demanding headphone power requirements, or compatibility with gaming...
  3. Todd Anderson

    iFi Audio's xDSD Gryphon DAC/Headphone Amp Delivers High-Level Analog and Digital Performance in One Device

    iFi Audio’s latest creation is a fusion of its popular xCAN and xDSD ‘x-series’ of portable devices, borrowing the xDSD’s digital approach to DAC/Headphone duties and the XCAN amp’s analog sensibilities. The result is the xDSD Gryphon, a half-pound battery-powered DAC/Headphone amp endowed with...
  4. Todd Anderson

    Meet ZEN CAN, iFi Audio’s Newest Headphone Amp

    (August 9, 2020) iFi Audio’s recent product releases – ZEN Blue, ZEN DAC, and, now, ZEN CAN – have more than proven the company’s interest in delivering quality desktop performance without a hefty price tag. Last week, iFi unleashed its latest creation, giving headphone lovers access to analog...
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