Left and Right Phase and frequency response.

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    We all listen in less than perfect situations, mostly in straight wall rooms/ceilings/floors. And most of the time we have speakerpositions that are not symetrical. This is always noticable and easy to check that left does not sound the same as right. Both speakers simultaniously will maybe sound OK but with the left right difference the centre is hardly ever centre. With most leadvocals kickdrums, snare and basses being positioned in the centre of the mix in the studio, it would be nice to hear them back in our own listening environment in the centre as well. It would even be nicer to have the phase at the listening position perfectly aligned.
    Since REW does a great job measuring the frequency response, even suggesting the dsp neccesary to adjust this, wouldn't it be great to have a seperate left and right setting. While we are at it, with timing measurements even the phase could be measured. Phase can be adjusted by delay in a frequency range.
    I beleive that our laptops or Macbooks are powerful enough to have this DSP. It would be great, with the help of our laptop and REW DSP settings, to have a perfect listening experience.
    I would love to hear if this is possible and if we can ever expect this to happen. Also I would like to know if there are more people that would like this.

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    I agree with your comments about speaker placement and room acoustics playing havoc with the "imaging" of a speaker. A simple test you can do if your using an analog sours and you have an external EQ try putting that between the sours and your receiver or processor. then make sure both sides of the EQ are flat. Now wile playing music that you are familiar with that has really good imaging, have someone adjust the EQ on one of the channels only particularly in the mids to higher octaves. You will hear the image shift from that channel to center or in some cases disappear. Its a neat experiment in understanding phase and what EQ can do to improve or damage it.
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