1. Todd Anderson

    Home Theater News Review Podcast: Episode 2.26.24

    (February 26, 2024) On this week's episode of HTNR, we talk about KORG's history-making live stream, Disney's big news, Vizio's sale to Walmart, Vudu's name change, disc reviews, physical media stats, deals of the week, and more! You can listen on YouTube (just click on the image) or Spotify...
  2. Todd Anderson

    First Time Ever: KORG, Artist Connection, and Auro-3D Synergize to Stream Uncompressed Immersive Audio and Full HD Video!

    (February 21, 2024) KORG and a supporting cast of key technologies are poised to host a first-of-its-kind demonstration where a transcontinental concert experience is streamed from Japan to LA. The thought of sharing audio and video from one side of the world to the other is hardly...
  3. Todd Anderson

    Korg and Auro-3D Join Forces to Bolster Korg's "Live Extreme," Delivering Hi-Res Audio and Video Streaming

    (November 12, 2023) Auro-3D (NewAuro BV) and Korg Inc. have announced a new collaboration to boost Korg's “Live Extreme” streaming technology. Live Extreme, which launched during Q3 of 2020, is an innovative streaming platform designed to capture live performances and deliver them to end-users...
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