Is This Considered A Decent Step Response After Audiolense Correction


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Nov 6, 2019
Re the asio error: You can not use asio for both when you have separate input and output devices. But you can e.g. use asio in one place and wasapi in the other.
I got that. Just need to know what miniphase measurement is in the advanced tab of the measurement section?

I am struggling to get consistent values in the delays but often I manage to get .04 between tweeters and use that as my measurement.


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Feb 5, 2018
The sine sweep which is used by Al has a linear phase behaviour. It will e.g show artificial pre-ringing on a tweeter because this is embedded in the measurement sweep (and not by the tweeter) The minphase measurement changes the measurement to be min phase. Pre-ringing dissapears from the measurement procedure.

This feature was developed at a time when I thought it might help resolve some correction issues. Since then, those issues have been resolved by other means.

The feature is kept because some day someone will need it. But the stock recommendation is to stick to the default. I always use the default here.
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