CEDIA 2023: StormAudio Stunns Eyes and Ears with the Expo's First AoIP Atmos Demo... EVER!


(September 17, 2023) StormAudio's 2023 CEDIA presence was impossible to ignore, as the industry leader showcased a dazzling array of technologies guided by its AoIP preamp called ISP EVO. Utilizing a 32-channel version of EVO, Storm commanded a Grimani Systems 16,800-watts, 11.6.6 channel active loudspeaker array that was stunning in every way. By creating a fully digital pathway from source-to processor-to the speaker system, this showcase set a new benchmark in audio precision and clarity.

The key to the design is that in utilizing only Ethernet cable, a network switch, and speaker cable for its audio connections, this not only highlights the simplicity and efficiency of the setup, but eliminates common industry issues like ground-loop hum while allowing for advanced features such as remote setup, calibration, and monitoring.

We captured StormAudio's presence with three separate videos. Below, you can watch the room's opening introductory sequence crafted by AV NIRVANA's own Travis Ballstadt, an interview with Storm's Matt Trinklein at the room's rack, and a chat with Storm's Gary Blouse about the company's award winning (not to mention, soon-to-launch) Fusion 20 AV Amplifier.

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