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  1. Todd Anderson

    Auro Joins AV NIRVANA Live at Noon Tomorrow to Talk Immersive Sound and Its New Auro-CX Streaming Codec

    (February 6, 2024) Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 7th, Auro CTO Bert Van Daele joins AV NIRVANA Live to dive into the world of immersive audio. Auro, its Auro-3D codec, and its Automatic mixing engine are foundational components of the immersive audio ecosystem we all enjoy today. More recently...
  2. Todd Anderson

    CEDIA 2023: StormAudio Stunns Eyes and Ears with the Expo's First AoIP Atmos Demo... EVER!

    (September 17, 2023) StormAudio's 2023 CEDIA presence was impossible to ignore, as the industry leader showcased a dazzling array of technologies guided by its AoIP preamp called ISP EVO. Utilizing a 32-channel version of EVO, Storm commanded a Grimani Systems 16,800-watts, 11.6.6 channel active...
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