CEDIA 2023: Lumagen Announces Update That Delivers Improvements to Dynamic HDR Tone Mapping

(September 12, 2023) CEDIA is typically good for a surprise or two that flies completely under the PR radar. Thus is the case with Lumagen and its popular Radiance and Radiance Pro video processors. Staffer Travis Ballstadt caught up with Lumagen CEO Jim Peterson, where he discussed the recently announced HDR dynamic tone mapping update, which is available as a free download in beta form for current Lumagen Radiance Pro owners. During the interview, he also discussed Lumagen's hardware infrastructure and how it's allowed the product to remain a state-of-the-art video processor for nearly a decade and counting.

To learn more about the update, including recommendations for your Radiance Pro's Dynamic Pad (DPad) setting, along with instructions and install times, click here. Email support@lumagen.com with feedback and/or questions.

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And I finally had a few minutes to download the new firmware this afternoon and look at a few clips. It really is a nice improvement. Love the Lumagen. Great product.
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