Trinnov Blows Minds, Wows Ears Showcasing Its Incredible 24 Subwoofer Demo Room with Waveforming Technology at CEDIA 2023


(September 12, 2023) Kicking off our CEDIA 2023 coverage, we're diving straight into the deep end with Trinnov and its chosen industry partners, Officina Acoustica, Seymour-Screen Excellence, Barco, Kaleidescape, Ascendo, and MadVR.

This marked the CEDIA debut of Trinnov's Waveforming Technology. In addition, the infrasonic capability of a full 13.24.6 Ascendo system was placed at center stage. If you're rubbing your eyes and wondering if that 43 (yes, forty-three!) channel count is correct... it is. Equipment in the room included Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 and Altitude48EXT, which are capable of providing up to 48 channels of Atmos and WaveForming processing with the sonic benefits of Trinnov’s Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer, in addition to Trinnov's Amplitude16.

Ascendo Immersive Audio utilized their active subwoofers in a first-ever-heard-at-CEDIA infrasonic bass demonstration powered by 120kW of ASCENDO DSP/Amplification. Completing the system, the company's coaxial point source loudspeakers on all channels delivered high resolution, high sensitivity, and power handling with low distortion for a killer immersive experience.

Kaleidescape’s Terra movie server and Strato-C movie player anchored the media experience, feeding madVR Labs' all-new Envy Extreme MK2 video processor. The MK2 provided dynamic HDR tone mapping and the debut of its groundbreaking MotionAITM – the world's first AI-based motion interpolation in a dedicated processor. The room's image was projected by Barco’s Njord CS laser projector, capable of up to 9,000 ANSI Lumens with 5K UHD resolution. Built around a high-capacity 2.37:1 aspect ratio 3-chip DLP engine, the Njord has the power to illuminate large cinemascope screens, delivering an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular color fidelity. In this case, it was used to light up a Seymour-Screen Excellence Enlightor-Neo screen, one of the finest AT screen weaves on the market.

Last but not least, the room was designed and built by Officina Acustica. The company's modular, fully custom Acoustic Interior Design system integrates the best possible acoustics with stunning Italian interior design. It was handcrafted in Italy, tested, and then shipped to Denver, where it was built at the show in three day's time.

The results of this collaborative effort were extraordinary, bathing the ears and body with an exquisite and unmistakably unique bass experience. But the totality of the demo space wasn't limited to the low-end because the system's immersive qualities were exacting and refined, making this one of the best demo rooms I've ever experienced.

Here are two videos for you to enjoy; the first captures a dedicated, pre-show event where a small group of media were given a chance to hear company executives discuss the technologies in the demo space. The second is a shortened version, showing Trinnov's technology trailer used before each of its demo sessions.

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