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Oct 3, 2023
Sorry for the very basic questions; I'm new to all of this. I've just watched a few videos and become curious about running some tests on my room.

Firstly, is the AV receiver actually required for some reason, or can one just connect the measurement microphone, and speakers if they are needed for the tests, directly to the computer with the REW software? I don't really understand the "signal flow" of the tests' sample collecting process at all. If they are required, then do the tests actually measure the quality of the receiver as much as they measure the quality of the room's impulse response and other acoustic metrics?

Secondly, do the tests require hearing protection? I am guessing this... an example of how REW or similar tests are performed? It is hard to tell exactly how loud the sound would be in real life, but the lady does seem to opt for noise cancelling headphones (unless these headphones are to hear something as part of the test).

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May 21, 2017
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A receiver is not necessary. However, speakers do require an amplifier of some kind, and a receiver is typically the amplification system used in a home audio system. A receiver can also take a laptop’s HDMI connection and separate out the audio signal for use with REW.

If your speakers are “active” (meaning they have built-in amplifiers, then a receiver is not needed. In that case, a USB audio interface can be used.

REW is typically used to take room measurements, not measurements of receivers.

I suggest reviewing some YouTube videos specifically for REW set up and use. The video you posted is a deep-dive into acoustics.



Mar 3, 2019
Below is a conceptual block diagram of how signals are generated in REW, sent to an audio video receiver (AVR) and speakers. Next the audio signal is received by a USB microphone and processed and displayed in REW. This characterizes everything in between the output DACs in your AVR through the speakers, amplifiers and room and up to the microphone.
REW Test signal flow.png

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