Averaging Multiple Microphones with Weighting

John M Caldwell

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May 8, 2019
Hi there, I'm curious if REW can average up to four inputs as well as allow me to select a weighting preference to use when calculating the average for all four. For example, I'd like to set one mic at the listening position and the other three in a diamond shape spread out behind the listening position. I'd like the listening position to have a higher weighting when being calculated so that it has the highest consideration while making decisions. For me, I think a 70% (LisPos), 10%, 10%, 10% (other 3 mics) weighting would be what I would look for. In addition to all of this, it would be AMAZING if REW could have a preference in the measurement window that would allow me to select Auto Averaging or something so that we don't have to select all 4 mics after measuring and average them together manually. Something like the Acoustix D2 system comes to mind for this application if anyone is looking for an example, but I feel like the D2 system is lacking in a lot of things.

Can REW already do something like this and I'm just missing it?

Another great feature would be to average with this weighting preference in the RTA. (and maybe all of this already exists...)

There's a lot in REW that I'm unfamiliar with and still wrapping my head around and seeing what's useful to me and the rooms I frequent.

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
The multi-channel capture upgrade generates an average from multiple inputs, but it is an unweighted average. If the source is UMIK-X it can also generate an average for each of the UMA-4 modules. I had another request today for configurable weighting for the average multi-channel capture generates, I have added that to the feature request list.
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