Klipsch Fans Can Take Their Favorite Flavor of Audio on the Road with INFINITI's New 2025 QX80


(January 10, 2024) Part two of our Klipsch CES 2024 coverage takes an exit ramp from the world of home theater, and accelerates straight into car audio.Yes folks, Klipsch, a recognizable name in the home, is taking its brand cache to the road. In collaboration with Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America and INFINITI, the company has developed an exclusive audio system for the all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80. The partnership was announced in Vegas, where Panasonic is showcasing INFINITI's QX Monograph concept vehicle at booth #17609 (Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center).

The all-new 2025 QX80, anticipated to make its debut later this spring, will feature what Klipsch calls its "Reference Premiere Audio System." It's billed as perfect marriage of audiophile heritage and luxury vehicle prowess.

"The all-new QX80 drives us toward our New Dawn and signals a bold direction for INFINITI," said Craig Keeys, Group Vice President, INFINITI Americas. "The integration of the Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio System underscores our commitment to elevating the ownership experience through innovative design, quality, and performance."

This segment-exclusive audio system features 24 specially designed speakers, including titanium tweeters and a high-performance 8-inch TriPower subwoofer. These elements, combined with Panasonic's proprietary DJX 3D surround sound processing, are engineered to deliver authentic, audiophile-quality performance throughout the cabin.

"Collaborating with Panasonic Automotive and INFINITI has enabled us to create a new level of audio performance in the luxury vehicle segment," said Paul Jacobs, President and CEO, Klipsch Premium Audio Group. "This project for the all-new INFINITI QX80 is a natural fit for Klipsch, an aspirational brand in the consumer market."

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio System represents a fusion of passion and expertise from Klipsch and Panasonic. Tom Dunn, Director of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, emphasized the collective effort to push audio performance to new heights.

Key features of the system include:
  • 1-inch titanium tweeters for enhanced clarity and transparency, echoing the quality of Klipsch's Reference Premiere consumer product line.
  • Headrest speakers for the driver and front passenger, which will unlock a variety of new audio features.
  • High-power, high-excursion 6x9-inch mid-bass drivers in the front doors.
  • High-performance, full-range HIGHLINE speakers mounted in the headliner, combined with Panasonic's DJX 3D Surround algorithm, for an immersive sound experience.
  • An 8-inch TriPower subwoofer for deep, ultra-low frequency extension.
  • A 24-channel amplifier with a 1GHz digital signal processor.
So, if Klipsch is your preference in the home and you have a penchant for luxury cars, the 2025 INFNITI QX80 is there for the taking. For more information, watch the exclusive launch video below.

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Hmmm... buy the car for the sound system... lol.

I really thought the HK system in the Ford trucks was halfway respectable, even though I ended up replacing it. I use the headrest speakers as rear-fill speakers... works great with significant delay added. I would have thought if HK was going to put their name on it they would have at least tried to tune it better.

Impressive ad either way.
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