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So this is our new dedicated theater room. We made the decision last year to add on to our house, and part of that add-on is this new theater space. As you can see, we are not done yet. We had sheetrock installed last week (late February 2018), and we are 4-6 weeks from completion.

The space is approximately 14 x 19 x 9 in size. When done, this will be set up for 7.1.4 Atmos initially (wired for 9.1.6) with a 110" 2.35 AR acoustically transparent projection screen. Gear is mostly decided and will include Anthem head end (for now, unless Emotiva gets their act together on Atmos in time), Outlaw amplifiers, probably Chane speakers, Rythmik subwoofers, JVC projector and Seymour AV screen.
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Looking good boss! Any image updates to post since the February upload? Since it looks like you're installing in the basement - here's a tip I learned the hard way - Be sure to use a sound dampening material on your duct work leading to the room. Over time, the bass will start to vibrate any vents heading in our out of that area. Also - If you're running floating floorboards for elevated or height-staggered seating, consider running an electrical outlet to underneath the seats just in case you ever want to make them mechanized & motorized. Looking forward to seeing more on the build!

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