Woofer Anomalies Need To Understand Measurement


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Nov 6, 2019
My right midwoofer seems to play louder or harder than the left and after experimenting with impedance sweeps and with different combinations of Dac's and amplifiers I am convinced the woofer has no problem and it probably is just playing lower frequencies.

I'm veering towards it being connected to the convolution and curious if the measurement of my midrange with one channel being taken from much higher frequency has something to do with it?

I roll off the midrange in the Speaker setup Crossover configuration like a closed box type "roll off", I'm a fan of having bass from the midrange as well as my subwoofers.

Now the question is if I am rolling off much lower than what the measurement was taken from would that be a problem? Below is a picture of the measurement for the midrange you can see one channel has clearly been taken from a higher point.

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