Using REW with ExaSound DAC

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May 11, 2019
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Hi. I am knee deep in system measurements for creating DSP filters. When I use Audiolense XO, both the ExaSound DAC ASIO driver and my Umik-1 are discovered and used. However, with REW, I can select the ExaSound ASIO driver (see screenshot) and all speakers in my surround system are shown. No input shown. When I click on "ASIO Control Panel" I get this error message (see screenshot). If I try to use a third party ASIO driver (for example, ASIO4ALL), the best I can do is 2 channel stereo.

Is there some setting I am forgetting to use to enable the Umik-1 with the ExaSound DAC ASIO drivers? There are some features in REW I would like to use as a complement to Audiolense XO. If this is a stupid question, I apologize. Thanks, Marcus

2022-08-04 (7).png

2022-08-04 (8).png

John Mulcahy

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Apr 3, 2017
ASIO drivers are single-device, inputs and output should be from the same device. That's why ASIO wrappers like ASIO or FlexASIO exist, they make multiple devices look like a single device.
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