Universal EZ HDMI Cable Locking Connector DOOHICKEY THINGAMABOB – Review

Manufacturer & Model
$3.24 ea (Amazon)
Adds locking/security capability to most HDMI cables
Prevents inadvertent disconnection of HDMI cable from port
Universal design is compatible with any HDMI cable (and other cables as well)
Release tabs allow the cable lock to be easily removed and reused
Add a measure of additional security, strain relief, and peace of mind to your installation. These clever devices will, in most cases, secure and provide strain relief for those heavy HDMI cables on almost any device or component. Touted as “Universal,” I would instead say it is “Universal Enough” with good workarounds available to anyone willing, and confident enough, to engage in a little DIY modification.

The Review
Have you ever had any issues with HDMI cables falling out when shifting equipment around? Back tension on those big ol’ honking HDMI cables causing them to back out? Think you need a better strain relief for those big heavy HDMI cables hanging off the back of your gear?

Well, I have from time to time! In my equipment rack I have always used cross bars and tie wraps to provide strain relief and security for HDMI cables. But even with that, I was left wanting more peace of mind on some of the heavier cables and on the individual components sitting on shelves.

If you have a set/security screw above (or below) the connector that you want to secure the cable in, then this little device works great! I went HDMI Security Crazy and added the DOOHICKEY THINGAMABOB (And yes, that is the name by which it is sold!) to all HDMI connections on my Marantz AV Processor. I also used one to secure the one lonely Digital Optical cable as well.


At the other end of those cables, I added the locks to my JVC Projector, Oppo UHD Disk Player, Yamaha CDC-755 CD Changer (twenty-five+ years old and still chugging along :-), and Apple TV 4K. All these devices, other than the Apple TV 4K, conveniently have a set/security screw directly above each port.


For the Apple TV 4K, I did minor surgery after perusing a teardown video and pictures found by a Google search. Confirming I had plenty of room, I drilled a tiny hole through the plastic case where there was a small cavity directly above the HDMI port and secured the HDMI Lock’s anchor tail/tang with a VERY SMALL and SHORT screw. I took care to not damage anything when doing the mod and the Apple TV performed just as before after receiving the modification. Note that my Apple TV is well out of warranty so any issues caused by the modification would have been mine, and mine alone.


The point of any review is to eventually come to the point. The long and short of this one is… these inexpensive devices work! Most modern devices containing HDMI ports have a set/security screw above or below each HDMI port. On my Marantz and old Yamaha CD changer there was that very same security screw above the Digital Optical Ports (and other ports as well).

No money was spent on fancy packaging, and that is perfectly fine and appropriate with something like this!

Note that the DOOHICKEY THINGAMABOB HDMI Lock is not the only HDMI locking device out there. There are cable locks sold/branded by companies like Cables Matter, Tripp Lite (and others) that looked to be the same, or a VERY similar, construction.

There were also other, more elaborate (and correspondingly more expensive), devices as well. Some of those locks were touted as “Universal” while others were equipment specific solutions.

If you have a need for such devices, then this is a good, inexpensive, and solid security option.




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Apr 2, 2017
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I've rarely had any issues, but this is a very functional thingamajig for sure.


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Apr 4, 2017
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Love the name! :rofl:
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