The Watershed Group Becomes Kaleidescape's Exclusive Canadian Distributor


(April 12, 2021) Kaleidescape has announced that The Watershed Group is now the company’s exclusive distributor in Canada. Formerly known as The Rep Company, Ontario's The Watershed Group (TWG) is both a national and international distribution and design firm, providing services that range from theater room design and full room acoustics to custom manufacturing and more.

Kaleidescape shares Canadian ties with TWG, as its research and development core is based in Waterloo, Ontario. The company enjoys a strong relationship with the University of Waterloo, hosting internship programs and hiring graduating engineers. On the consumer front, Kaleidescape offers Canadian customers access to 8,000 4K titles for purchase and 4,000 titles for rent.

“The Watershed Group’s blueprint approach to building home cinemas provides Canadian installers an opportunity to offer customers the right Kaleidescape solution, and ensure the environment allows for the best playback experience,” explains Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape’s chief executive officer. “The Kaleidescape system, designed to play 4K HDR movies with a video bitrate four times higher and lossless audio up to ten times higher than any streaming device, is the clear choice in powering best-in-class home cinemas.”

For more information about Kaleidescape, visit, and to learn about TWG and its services, go to
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