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    The Play-Fi Headphones App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Wireless Listening Device


    (June 27, 2018) Let’s set the stage. It’s late. You want to watch a favorite flick while your better half drifts to sleep, so you turn down the volume and settle in for a late night. She’s happy, but you’re left using your eyes more than your ears as you strain to hear important dialog and the impact of action on the screen. Frustration builds, but your options are all but limited. Or should we say “were limited,” because DTS might just have the answer for your quiet-time entertainment needs.

    Yesterday, the audio solutions company announced its all-new DTS Play-Fi Headphones app for iOS devices (an Android version is expected to be released early July). Billed as a “companion app” for select DTS Play-Fi products, the app allows media fans to stream audio direct from any Play-Fi supported product to headphones connected to a handheld device. The entire process utilizes Wi-Fi, staying in perfect synchronization with video content for ultra-discrete realism.

    Owners simply need to connect a source to a compatible Play-Fi product and up to four users can use their preferred device to join a listening session, enjoying everything from TV audio to music sourced from a CD player or music service. And to add a more personalized experience, each listener maintains the ability to set volume levels and join listening sessions at the time of their choosing.

    While the DTS Play-Fi ecosystem currently offers more than 200 speakers, sound bars, streaming boxes, and the like, the Play-Fi Headphones app is only functional with 15 products at launch. Here’s a list:
    If your preferred product isn’t on the list, don’t fret. DTS says that more app friendly products will launch throughout the year.
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