The 700 S3 Signature Series is Bowers & Wilkins Latest Statement Lineup


(March 27, 2024) Bowers & Wilkins has officially announced its 700 S3 Signature Series, a new take on its 700 Series loudspeakers. This release comprises the 702 S3 Signature floorstanding loudspeaker, the 705 S3 Signature standmount speaker, and, for the first time, a center speaker designed specifically for home theater systems, the HTM71 S3 Signature.

For the last 33 years, Bowers & Wilkins has reserved the "Signature" badge for its most exceptional and meticulously enhanced versions of standard offerings. The 702 S3 Signature stands as the company's eighth series to carry this banner, an exclusivity that underscores what audio fans should expect from the new trio of speakers. From upgraded Mundorf capacitors and revised inductors in the crossover to trickle-down technology and unique finishes, Bowers & Wilkins hasn't shied away from improvements that make the 700 S3 seriously tempting on paper.

All three speakers are only available in two finishes, complete with unique identifying Signature logo plates on their rear panels and vibrant gold trims highlighting drive units and tweeter housings. One finish is the company's eye-catching Midnight Blue Metallic paint, the same as offered on the iconic Nautilus loudspeaker and the 800 Series Signature models. The other is a lustrous Datuk Gloss wood veneer.

The flagship and largest speaker of the series, the 702 S3 Signature, is a three-way floorstanding design that incorporates a Carbon Dome tweeter in a decoupled Tweeter-on-Top aluminum enclosure. New to the game is a protective mesh grille that's derived from the brand's 800 Series Signature models introduced last year. This Finite Optimized Analysis (FEA) optimized component delivers enhanced sonic transparency and offers more stiffness to up its protective capabilities.

A decoupled Continuum Cone FST driver with Biomimetic Suspension enhances the speaker's midrange capabilities by reducing unwanted coloration from behind the drive unit. For bass, the 702 S3 Signature houses three 6.5" Aerofoil Profile drivers with upgraded suspensions for what Bowers & Wilkins says is a cleaner low-end output.

While smaller, the 705 S3 Signature brings an equivalent level of audio fidelity to more compact spaces. It shares many of the technological advancements of the 702 S3 Signature, including the new tweeter grille, improved crossover components, and improved speaker terminals. Its single 6.5" drive unit benefits from a new suspension system, enhancing both midrange clarity and bass extension.

Lastly, the addition of a true center speaker – the HTM71 S3 Signature – is a boon for home theater enthusiasts, enabling a cohesive and immersive sound experience across a front soundstage. Like its counterparts, it features the Tweeter-on-Top design and incorporates a 5" Continuum Cone FST midrange driver and twin Aerofoil Profile bass cones alongside upgraded crossover components and input terminals.

Priced at $9,000 per pair for the 702 S3 Signature, $4,500 per pair for the 705 S3 Signature, and $3,300 each for the HTM71 S3 Signature, these models are now available from selected dealers.
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