Take Your Home Theater on the Road with LG’s New CineBeam PH30H


(June 17, 2020) Have you ever wished you could pack-up your projector and quickly move it outdoors, or, perhaps, whisk it to a friend’s home? While sacrificing pixels and modern HDR capabilities, the all-new CineBeam PH30N offers that kind of portability at a price point – $399.99 – that’s tempting if not ridiculously wallet-friendly.

The PH30N weighs a mere 1.1 lbs in a design that measures an astonishing 5” x 5” x 1.5”. Its internal LED light source can muster up to 250 ANSI lumens over an estimated 30,000 hours of operational time. And when placed 10.8’ away from a flat surface, owners can enjoy an image measuring 100” diagonal.

Other key features include a USB port for media and a wireless experience driven by smartphone mirroring paired with Bluetooth audio. It also houses a battery that provides two hours of playback.

While portability is the PH30N’s primary selling point, it does fall slightly short of full-HD projection capabilities with a 1280 x 720 (720p) native resolution. Keep in mind, however, 720p can still look richly detailed from proper seating distance, making the PH30N a very attractive device.

LG’s CineBeam PH30H is available for purchase direct from LG.com and official LG dealers.

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It really is. I'd like to see it in action... I bet it's surprisingly good
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